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The following items are available at a discount price. All items have been greatly reduced from the regular price. Limited quantities are available for each item, and all clearance items are non-refundable.

We only display the remaining available configurations. Configurations not listed have been sold out and will no longer be available

DISNEY - Clearance SaleAll-Star 3D Resin - 1 Toggle Wallplate
Unicorn 3D Resin - 1 Toggle Wallplate
Brushed Copper Rounded - Clearance Sale
Textured Stone Gold Noce - Clearance SaleAmerTac Polished Brass - Clearance SaleEnglish Rope Solid Brass - Clearance SaleAngelo Brass Lace - Clearance Sale
Angelo South Sea Gold - Clearance SaleMulberry Chrome - Clearance SaleMulberry White - Clearance SaleMulberry Ivory Wrinkle - Clearance Sale
Mulberry Brushed Solid Brass - Clearance SaleEcho Brushed Aluminum - Clearance SaleClassic Glossy Gray Steel - Clearance SaleCambridge Distressed Antique Pewter - Clearance Sale
Weathered Iron Steel - Clearance SaleBlack Marble - Clearance SaleGreen Marble - Clearance SaleForest Black Marble - Clearance Sale
Rivets Iron Steel - Clearance SaleCamelot Pewter Steel - Clearance SaleCamelot Iron Steel - Clearance SaleBrushed Brick Steel - Clearance Sale
Parisian Gold Steel - Clearance SaleButcher Block Vinyl Bonded Steel - Clearance SaleGold Vinyl Bonded Steel - Clearance SaleGray Vinyl Bonded Steel - Clearance Sale
Hampton Ceramic Resin Sky - Clearance SaleBone Porcelain - Clearance SaleWhite Ceramic - Clearance SaleBlue Floral Porcelain - Clearance Sale
Fruit Harvest Porcelain - Clearance SaleVictorian Rose Porcelain - Clearance SaleIvy Porcelain - Clearance SaleSea Shell Porcelain - Clearance Sale
Oversized Ceramic White - 1 Toggle Wallplate
Regular price: $8.99
Sale price: $4.99
Espresso Finish Wood - Clearance SaleChocolate Finish Wood - Clearance SaleBamboo Natural Finish Wood - Clearance Sale
Bamboo Amber Finish Wood - Clearance SaleAngelo Unfinished Maple Wood - Clearance SaleAngelo Oak Wood - Clearance SaleAngelo Light Oak Wood - Clearance Sale
Gunstock Finished Oak - Clearance SaleColonial Unfinished Ash - Clearance SaleAngelo Country Unf. Maple Wood - Clearance SaleSmall Oak Wood - Clearance Sale
Small Unfinished Wood - Clearance SaleOversized Dark Maple - Clearance SaleOversized Country Oak - Clearance SaleOversized Natural Oak
Vinyl Bonded Faux Wood Steel - Clearance SaleAlmond Steel - Clearance SaleYellow Steel - Clearance SaleDusty Rose Steel - Clearance Sale
Teal Steel - Clearance SaleAngelo Blue Steel - Clearance SaleAngelo Black Steel - Clearance SaleWallplate Frames - Clearance Sale
Decorative Steel - Clearance SaleHand-Painted Porcelain - Clearance SaleHand-Painted Resin - Clearance Sale

All items are in-stock unless noted above.
All orders ship within 2 to 3 business days from date of purchase.
Matching screws are included with all wallplates.

Wallplate Configurations

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