Custom Configurations - Made to Order now offers a new line of custom wallplates available in metal or wood and up to 5 gangs/devices.

The following styles which are also available in our standard configurations, are now available in several custom configurations. If you are unable to find the configuration you need, feel free to email customer support so we can custom make one for you.

Please note: All wallplates found in this section are made to order and are non-refundable. Our custom wallplates will ship out 7 business days. WE CAN ONLY CUSTOM MAKE THE STYLES FOUND ON THIS PAGE.

Our prices are set by the number of devices (Gangs) regardless of the style or material. Prices are as follows... 2 Gang = $30.00, 3 Gang = $45.00, 4 Gang = $60.00, 5 Gang = $75.00

All items are in-stock unless noted above.
All orders ship within 2 to 3 business days from date of purchase.
Matching screws are included with all wallplates.

Wallplate Configurations

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