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Ceramic Wall Plates that Give Your Home an Iconic Vibe

Azul Copper

Whether you're preparing a meal, getting ready for work, or doing the laundry, plugs and lights are essential. You need a plug for your toaster, blender, iron, hair dryer, and other gadgets. You don't want one switch to light up the whole room. You need a light for the shower, over the tub, above the vanity, and so forth. Add an iconic vibe to your kitchen, bathrooms, and utility room with ceramic switch plates and outlet covers.


Consider these advantages of using ceramic switch plates and wall covers:

  • Durability: Ceramic wall plates last for years.
  • The cost: Ceramic wall plates are inexpensive.
  • The look: You don't have to hide your wall plates. They can blend in with your white cabinets or countertops or offset dark cabinets or gray or tan walls.
  • Nostalgic look: Ceramic wall plates can bring a nostalgic look to your bathrooms or kitchen.
  • Cleaning: Ceramic wall plates are easy to clean. The wall plate switches will get a lot of use in the bathroom and kitchen areas.
  • Installation: Ceramic wall plates are easy to install.

Toggle Wall Plates

You can get a wide selection of wall plates with a small rectangular hole for the toggle you use to turn a light off and on. You can choose Allena ceramic wall plates in white, biscuit (off-white), or black. Get a wall plate that fits as many as 4 toggles. Place the iconic wall plates by your bathroom door and choose the light you need. You don't waste electricity because you light only the area you use.

Duplex Wall Plates

When you're preparing a meal, you may need more than one outlet. Place 2 or 4 plugs together and cover them with a ceramic wall plate. You eliminate the need for an extension cord or multiple workstations. The wall plates blend into the décor of your kitchen, and you'll enjoy the added convenience.


Rocker Wall Plates

You may use ground fault interrupters (GFIs) in parts of your home. GFI outlets are common in bathrooms and kitchens where an outlet may come into contact with water. You can get a ceramic wall plate to cover 1, 2, or 3 rockers. The plates come in white, biscuit, and black. Rockers are also used for lights with dimmers.


You may combine the types of switches or plug outlets. You can get a toggle-duplex ceramic wall plate or a toggle-rocker ceramic wall plate. Decide where you need a plug and light switch combination and purchase a ceramic wall plate to complement the décor of the room. Modern homes with open plans and tons of appliances and devices need more switches and plugs. Cover them with classic wall plates.


You want to stay connected. You may need a phone jack, a cable jack, or a data jack. You may want to charge your phone on a kitchen countertop or a bathroom vanity. Select a ceramic wall cover to blend with the counters. Basic wall covers have been around a long time, but their shapes and sizes have changed to fit a new generation.

Connection Devices

Rocker insert connection devices make it more convenient to stay connected. You can convert your rocker outlet into an outlet for your phone, internet, or cable. The connection devices come in white and ivory, so choose the one that matches your cabinets, countertops, or walls.

Wallplate Warehouse is a leading online supplier of switch plates and outlet covers. Check out our selections today!

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