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Ceramic Wall Plates to Give Your Home an Elegant Look

Spring has finally arrived. What better way to celebrate warmer weather and all the beauty that spring brings than with a traditional spring clean and home refurbishment? While updating your home with new furniture or a fresh coat of paint might be a bit of a chore, there's one thing you can do that's easy and inexpensive, and can really make an impact: replace your old wall plates with new ceramic switch plate covers. Without doing a lot of work or spending a ton of money, merely switching out your old wall plates for new ones can freshen up your whole home just in time for spring.

Chic New Look

Ceramic has a clean, elegant style that has the effect of immediately upgrading any room. Plastic wall plates tend to fade over time. What was once a bright white when installed can turn into a pale yellow within just a few years. Even a room with a new paint job or new flooring can look worn and tired if the switch plates aren't updated.

Ceramic never fades. Easy-to-clean ceramic cover plates will retain their color as long as you have them. They will neither fade naturally, nor are they ever likely to become stained, retaining an appearance that will be as fresh and clean for years to come as they were the day they were purchased.

Ceramic Is Versatile

Perhaps it is the simple, sophisticated look of ceramic that makes it endlessly versatile. Available in three principal colors--Allena White Ceramic, Allena Biscuit Ceramic, and Allena Black Ceramic--ceramic wall plates can either blend in seamlessly with modern-designed homes, or really pop in homes with a more antique or busy aesthetic.

Black can add a sense of drama to your living or dining room, while white is perfect for bathrooms and kitchens. Also, because ceramic is resistant to stains and never fades, it's ideal for rooms with a lot of heavy traffic, making it even more suited for bathrooms, kitchens, and dining rooms.

Ceramic Is Durable

Plastic wall plates can become damaged very easily. Thin and vulnerable, a plastic wall plate can become cracked by simply screwing it in too tightly. Ceramic, however, is tough, and almost impossible to crack. Strong enough to withstand the installation process, they're highly unlikely to ever suffer any damage if they're bumped into, or if they're inadvertently whacked by moving furniture, or by an errant child or dog toy.

When you make the transition to ceramic, you're giving your home an update that will have an impact for as long as you have those ceramic wall plates, simply because they're unlikely to ever look worse for wear.

If you're ready to make the move away from tired, old plastic wall plates, and towards sophisticated ceramic, check out Wallplate Warehouse. Take a look at the ceramic plates to see which ones might work for you, and check out the dozens of other types of wall plates that can help you update your entire home. You'll be amazed at the difference new ceramic wall plates can make. Don't hesitate. Check out Wallplate Warehouse today!

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