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How to Use Ceramic Switch Plates as Decorations

Ceramic switch plate

Your home should be beautifully unique with décor that reflects your style and tastes. You put a lot of effort into decorating your home and making it your own, so why would you let cookie-cutter accessories continue to fill your home? We’re talking, of course, about switch plate covers. Those white plastic light switch covers are certainly functional and easy to replace, but do they really reflect your sense of style? Here are some tips on using decorative ceramic switch plates to decorate your home.

Why Ceramic?

First, you might be wondering why we’re focusing on ceramic as a way to improve the look of your switches. Obviously, there are many options out there that will add more style to your home than the default white plastic ones. But ceramic is a beautiful vintage material if you’re going for a bit of an old-fashioned look. Ceramic has a natural, earthy feel to it that’s great for many decorating styles, which is why we’ll be focusing on this material for this blog.

Use Them As-Is

The easiest way to decorate with ceramic switch plates is obviously to use them exactly as they are. Their natural beauty and earthy tones are great for Spanish- or Italian-style décor as well as more rustic decorating styles. It gives your space a warm, welcoming feeling with this small and simple touch, and it requires no effort at all, aside from turning a few screws.

Even if your ceramic plates are white, their sheen and durability still add more elegance to your space. The white won’t become discolored over time like plastic can, keeping your space looking sharp and clean.

Add a Little Paint

True vintage ceramic plates were often painted with small details to add even more beauty and a one-of-a-kind touch to homes. White ceramic plates look beautiful with small flowers painted in blue, reminiscent of the coveted Blue Willow antique china dishes. If you purchase ceramic plates in more of a terracotta color, you can paint various patterns in neutral tones to create lovely pictures for your walls. If you have a steady hand with a brush and a bit of creativity, ceramic plates can really become a blank canvas for your imagination.

Add a Frame

Why should your light switches be something that fade into the background? When you upgrade to a ceramic switch plate, its beauty allows you to show off this bit of your home’s functionality. So, add a small picture frame around your switch plate to make a piece of wall art. It’s a fun and cute way to add some flair to your space—and it makes those switches easy to find even in the dark!

While most people don’t give much thought to their switch plate covers, these little accessories are all over your home, and upgrading them to a higher-quality material like ceramic can go a long way towards adding elegance and beauty to your space. If you’re looking to buy switch plates online to give your home a quick and easy upgrade, check out our huge selection of plate covers here at Wallplate Warehouse!

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