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What Are Ceramic Wall Plates?

Whether you are decorating a brand-new house you got to design or are trying to personalize an existing home you purchased, the details are what set a home apart. When you aim to tackle a room and make it as beautiful, comfortable, or unique as possible, generally you start with the larger pieces. Appliances, furniture, flooring, and paint on the walls and trim set the tone for the space. After that, you get to have fun with the details. Lamps, wall art, and items displayed on shelves are common places to start, and decorative ceramic switch plates can be another excellent way to spruce up the room. Read on to learn more about decorative light switch covers, where to buy them, and how to use them to beautify your home.


An unexpected pop of color, a funky pattern that stands out on a neutral wall, a sleek cover that blends seamlessly, or something that complements the overall style of the room can all be fun ways to use light switch cover plates to enhance a room. Rather than using the boring plastic covers that come standard in most homes, you can elevate your space with higher-end covers that serve purposes both practical and aesthetic. Since they’re so simple to switch out, you can even change your covers with the seasons, holidays, and changing decorations in your home.



In addition to being a pretty way to liven up a room, ceramic wall switch covers are also much more durable than the cheap plastic options. Since lights tend to get turned on and off over and over again every day, they see a lot of traffic and use. Ceramic plates can stand up to the test of time, staying uniform and like-new instead of wearing out and looking dilapidated over time.



Ceramic is easy to clean and sanitize, which is important for something that gets touched by so many sets of hands throughout the day. Decorative ceramic switch plates can be regularly cleaned to keep your home a little freer from sickness-causing germs.

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