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5 Reasons to Consider Metal Switch Plates over Plastic Plates

If you're a property owner or a builder, you will agree that the smallest details can add to the overall look and feel of your project. People often overlook small elements like switch plates in a property. There are tons of choices for all types of clients, and they come in various materials. However, buying metal like copper switch plates wholesale is both practical and tasteful if you're a home builder or a homeowner. There are only slight differences in light switch plates but here are the reasons why you must consider metal over plastic ones.

Metal Switch Plates


All light plates offer little difference in appearance, but metal brushed wall plates are certainly more rustic-looking than plastic plates. Plastic plates are also prone to cracks and breaks upon installation and may become brittle over time. On the other hand, while metal plates tend to discolor or tarnish, they won’t easily crack and will stay the same for many years ahead.

Go for metal ones if you are worried about how your light switches will look after years of use and exposure to elements. They're also available in various finishes to match the existing fixtures in your home or property.


Metal switch plates are durable and will not crack, break, or warp over time unless you apply extraordinary force. In contrast, hot weather and overheating may cause the plastic to bend and may even constrict the wires.

Safety and Assortment of Sizes

Metal switch plates also provide more protection for preventing exposed wires. When plastic switch plates crack, it's advisable for you to replace them with metal ones. They may cost slightly more, but will surely last years longer.

Metal ones also provide more sizes, so you will find one to fit your switch needs. Always replace ones that already keep falling off of your walls to prevent wire exposure.

Consistent and Long-Lasting

Metal switches are uniform, and many designs for brushed copper switch plate covers have been around for decades, so no need to worry if you’ll find yourself needing a new one later on. Plastic switch plates have higher design turnover and are more likely to be phased out.


Most metal switches cost more than plastic ones because of the quality of the material. Furthermore, if you want all the small details in your home to look high-end and high-quality, opt for metal over plastic switches.

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