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Nickel Wallplates

Nothing will do more to elevate the style of your home than brushed nickel switch plates from Wallplate Warehouse. The charming, soft sheen of brushed nickel has attracted the eye of man since the beginning of written history. The same allure that nickel has held for centuries applies to brushed nickel light switches. Brushed nickel wall plates offer several distinct advantages over standard plastic plates. First, nickel won’t scratch or crack, which makes them significantly more durable. Second, metal plates have a lower profile than plastic plates, with a smooth, beveled edge that curves all the way back to the wall for a clean, sophisticated look. Third, nickel is a green choice. Unlike plastic, our metal plates are 100 percent recyclable if you ever decide you are done with them. And finally, brushed nickel wall plates are considerably more attractive. Among brushed wall plates, nickel’s beauty, weight, and smooth surface quality give a high-end look to your home that plastic plates cannot match.

Wallplate Warehouse offers nickel wall plates and outlet covers in all styles, from traditional to modern, to complement your decor. Shop today!

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