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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm not sure which configuration I need to work with my switches or outlets

Customer often are unable to determine which configuration is needed. The following will help explain which type of wallplate to use for your switch our outlet. The following images are examples of popular devices available today.

Duplex & Toggle Wallplates

Duplex Wallplates:

Most commonly used for classic duplex outlets, duplex wallplates can also be used for various other types of horizontal switches or combinations of switches and outlets.

Toggle Wallplates:

Offering the least number of possibilities, toggle wallplates are traditionally used for standard toggle switches which flip up and down. Similar to a traditional toggle switch, some newer dimmer toggles can now be used. Finally, most dimmer knobs require toggle wallplates. The larger dimmer knob hides the rectangular opening.


Rocker Wallplates:

Rocker wallplates also known as Decora, offer the most possibilities of devices. This is why if you are updating your home or buying a new home, it is recommended that all devices be updated to Rocker. Rocker wallplates work with all larger Rocker/Decora switches as well as Decora outlets and all GFCI outlets. Newer slide dimmer switches or smart devices also require Rocker openings.

I have looked all over your website, but can't seem to find the configuration I am looking for. Do you make custom wallplates?

If the configuration you are looking for is not found within our Wallplate Configuration Chart, we do not offer it, and cannot make any custom wallplates.

However, the best solutions is to BE CREATIVE. You can simply replace the electrical devices with minimal effort and cost.

In the following 3 Gang example on the left, this customer has 1 Toggle / 1 Rocker / 1 Toggle. After simply changing the outer two toggle switches to rockers, we are then able to use a 3 Rocker wallplate. We also changed the devices to Gray, to match the brushed nickel wallplate.

In the following 4 Gang example on the right, this customer has a 3 Toggle / 1 Duplex wallplate. After simply changing the toggles to rockers and the duplex outlet to a rectangular Decora outlet, we are then able to use a 4 Rocker wallplate. We also changed the devices to Gray, to match the brushed nickel wallplate.

Before and After

Do you sell the actual switches and receptacles?

We do not carry switches and receptacles. However, these can be found at your local hardware store in a variety of colors. We DO carry connection devices such as cable jacks, Telephone Jacks and Data jacks here.

Do all of your wallplates come with screws?

Yes. All wallplates offered by Wallplate Warehouse include the correct amount of matching screws. There is no need to purchase additional screws. If additional screws are needed for whatever reason, we do offer these in various finishes and lengths in our Accessories section here.

Do I need a 1 Duplex or a 2 Duplex?

Be sure to check our Wallplate Configuration chart which can be found on all pages of our website.

Be sure to notice screw placements and quantities of screws required for your application. 1 Duplex Outlets have 2 openings with 1 screw in the center of the openings. 2 Duplex Outlets have 4 openings with 2 screws in the center.


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Wallplate Configuration Chart

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