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Add Grace to Your Interior with Stone Wall Plates

1- Toggle Stone Switch Plate Cover

There are changes you can make to your home that are very dramatic — tearing down the wall that separates your kitchen from your living room, for instance. It opens up the kitchen and brightens the whole house. It’s also incredibly expensive. For a redecoration that’s a little less extreme (and far less expensive) how about updating your home’s wall plate covers? You may not even realize how long your old light switch places have been there, but once they’re switched out with new ones, you’ll really notice the difference. One of the hottest trends in light switch covers is stonewall plates. Here are a few reasons why.

An Elegant Change

Traditional, plastic switch plate covers fade. Not only are they dull and unattractive to begin with, but within a few years, they start to turn yellow and worn down. Replacing these old covers with stone wall plates clears the room of the old yellowing plates, brightening the room in the process. Made of a durable resin and dye cast, stone wall plates resemble real stones and come in warm, luxurious colors like sandstone, cappuccino, and ivory. The colors are lovely enough to stand out but easy on the eye so that they can fit comfortably into any room.

Long Lasting Effects

One of the problems with plastic switch plates is they’re very easy to crack. If they’re bumped into by an elbow or an errant toy, they can suffer cracks that will annoy you every day until you replace them. In fact, they’re so easy to crack, sometimes they can crack during the installation just by accidentally turning the screws too tight. Attractive new stone wall plates aren’t vulnerable to cracking. They’re easy to install, don’t crack upon installation, and they’ll look as good several years down the road as the day you put them in.

A Lovely Way of Making Your Home Safer

Any time a plastic wall plate cover cracks, it exposes your home to the wires that lie beneath. Think about it. You don’t come into contact with your home’s electrical system very often, but every time you turn a light on or off, you’re engaging directly with the power grid. A cracked switch plate offers little protection between electricity and your family. When you replace your old switch plates with beautiful shades like Noche tumbled cast stone, ivory cast stone, gray cast stone, or travertine tumbled cast stone, you’re not only reinvigorating the look of your house, you’re adding to its safety.

1-Toggle Stone Wallplate Cover

Easy to Clean

Sadly, once that plastic switch plate starts to fade, there’s nothing you can do about it. With stone wall plates, however, not only will they never fade, they’re incredibly easy to clean. Periodically dust with a dry rag, and you’re good to go. Even if they get splattered with spaghetti sauce, a quick wiped down with a mild detergent is all you need for them to look good as new.

You won’t know which shade of stone will work best for you until you check out the options They have stone wall plates and dozens of other styles to choose from. Find your new wall plates at Wallplate Warehouse today!

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