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Brass Switch Covers to Improve Your Home's Aesthetic Appeal

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If you're looking for unique ways to improve your home's aesthetic appeal, you might first think of redecorating or painting your walls. Some people may even make drastic and expensive changes, like replacing their countertops or flooring. But if you want to make a difference in the look and style of your home, without breaking the bank, just replace your light switch covers! Also known as switch plate covers, these features cover all of your outlets, switches, internet jacks, and other electrical boxes. And while they come standard in virtually every home, they also can look plain and boring. In fact, the most common type of light switch plates is a plain, off-white, plastic one. 

You can do better, and your home deserves better. So try switching out those boring products for something more stylish.

Brass Switch Covers

Switch covers can be made of much more than plain plastic. They're available in copper, ceramic, brushed nickel, or even brass. Why should you choose brass over any other option? 

Brass switch covers are made of real metal and have all of the durable, beautiful effects that you'd expect when you upgrade from plastic to metal. If you want to make a strong impact, buy switch plates online in bold and beautiful brass to suit every room. They're available in multiple configurations, so they can fit various widths and lengths.

Benefits of Brass

Brass is a stylish metal, and its gold coloring has long been associated with style and sophistication. It has a naturally refined air to it and can make any room look more elegant. If you're concerned that any room in your home looks too relaxed or informal, brass wall switch plates are a great option to class up your home.

Even better, brass light switch plates stand out. You can use them to add dimension and small decor to any wall. Brass covers even stand out against dark or bold wall paint options. When you paint your walls forest green, black, navy, or any other bold and stylish color options, you have to choose the rest of your decor carefully. Thankfully, brass will stand out from the wall rather than receding into the background.  

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Versatile Style Options

Brass wall switch plates aren't just for modern or glamorous-looking homes, either. If you prefer to be minimal, traditional, or even pared-down and cozy with your design scheme, you just can't go wrong with brass. It matches with virtually everything and even brings out the best in other materials. For instance, brass will bring out the natural hues in genuine wood, like in your flooring or furniture. It can even make other glass and metallic surfaces look more shiny and polished. Do you have some bold color choices in any room, like lavender or rose? Use brass to tie various color choices together so every room looks and feels cohesive.

It's especially easy to match brass wall switch plates in a kitchen or bathroom. If you have matching brass fixtures and hardware, the combined look of the various brass surfaces will add a very stylish motif to the room.

It's hard to believe that switch plates can make such a difference in a room, but if you're used to boring plastic, it's hard to see the potential! Shop at Wallplate Warehouse today to find a wide variety of brass products that will make your home look more elegant and stylish.

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