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Decorative Switch Plate Designs: The Easiest Decor Fix

Switch plates are the least distinguished part of the house; people often overlook them. Since it is small and only some pay attention, homeowners sometimes must remember that it exists in their homes. But homeowners need to find out if it's worth it to change.

Since it is a small fixture in your home, it is easier to decorate than decorate a sofa or a table. With the wide variety of light switch cover plates, you can find online, it becomes even more accessible to decorate than other parts of your home.

As a homeowner, it is common to please visitors with the uniqueness of your home. But people nowadays are used to the new sofa, couches, and centerpieces in their living rooms. But a new or a switch plate with a design is something unfamiliar to people. That being said, it can be the answer to make your home stand out from the rest.

buy decorative light switch covers for living room

The Importance of Decorative Switch Plates in Design

For artists, the tiniest details are the most essential aspect of a painting or an artwork. It helps set up the bigger picture and emphasize the subject of the art. Like your house, the small details are the finishing touch to a room.

After you paint your walls, you might feel like something is missing and decide to put paintings or picture frames. However, instead of feeling satisfied, you thought it was too much. Apart from hanging large shelves on your walls, replacing your switch plate with a decorative design might be the answer you're searching for.

Types of Decorative Switch Plates 

Switch plates have a lot of different materials and designs that you can choose depending on your preference. Each material of switch plates also has another design, from a simple and minimalistic design to a more decorative and complex style.

There are decorative switch plates for each type of light switch cover, from one toggle up to five toggles. So even if you have different types of light switches, you can ensure that you have a decorative wall plate available. 

home decor renovation and upgrades with switch plates

The decorative switch plates materials that you can choose are:

These materials each have unique designs that are different from others. For example, the brass has a filigree design with a floral-like appearance, and the copper has a galaxy-like design or a hydro-dip pattern. Each material is cast to the switch plate, so you won't worry about it being heavy and difficult to set up.

If you want a smoother texture for your switch plate, you should choose minimalist designs. And if you want a clean look for your home, you can select the white design, black, or screwless. Although it may look like the typical appearance of a light switch cover, it is more reliable and durable.

How to Choose the Right Decorative Switch Plate

As mentioned earlier, different materials are used for switch plates, each with a unique design. Choosing a decorative switch plate is never a right or wrong decision. However, your selected switch plate can be the opposite of your house design or won't complement your home.

For example, choose switch plates with bronze, nickel, brass, or copper if your house has warm colors. It will help balance the colors in your home to make it look pleasing to your eye. Aside from that, you should also check the design of the switch plate.

If your house is modern architecture, choose the minimalist designs. Choose the old-world pattern or the lattice if you have a traditional home. And if you have a contemporary design, choose the copper switch plates since they will match the designs of your home. But whatever choice you make, these switch plates will continuously improve the overall design of your home. 

paintable light switch cover plate

DIY Decorative Switch Plate Ideas

Not every design available online can be a choice of homeowners, but it is normal. You would want something unique or personalized. In that case, you can try a DIY switch plate for your home. It can be more challenging than buying an already made, but you can have all the freedom to design your own.

There are a lot of different methods that you can try, such as:

  1. Use acrylic paint for your design.
  2. Use a Resin for a shinier appearance.
  3. Print a guide to paint for your switch plates, or
  4. Hydro-dip your switch plate

Some switch plates nowadays that have decorative designs have resins. It is a chemical artists use to create a faux appearance of the material they want. And the result is always excellent. It is unique and eye catchy. So, if you prefer DIY, try these methods.

Improve your space with a tiny switch plate.

The saying goes, "Without the small, there will never be big." The tiniest upgrade in your home always provides the most significant influence on the overall design. Once you've set up this effortless home improvement, you can freely say it is worth it. So if you want to start your home upgrades today, you can buy decorative light switch covers online.

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