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Installing Night Lights in Your Kid’s Room

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Many children are afraid of the dark. It’s a fear that humans are born with, one that is most prevalent between the ages of two and seven. One of the easiest ways to ease a child through nighttime stresses is by installing night lights or LED cover plates in their bedroom. You’ll find a wide array of night lights and other innovative solutions through retailers that sell wallplates online. 

What a Night Light Accomplishes

Night lights not only comfort children at bedtime, but they also make it easier for parents to check on their children during the night without turning on a lamp or bright overhead light that could wake them. By adding additional lights between the hallway and the bathroom, parents can create a safe, lighted path for their child to find their way through the dark. Sleep researchers found that a room that is too dark can disrupt a child’s natural sleep cycles. And, a night light that is too bright does the same thing. Finding one with the right brightness level will allow everyone to get a better night’s sleep. 

Night Lights Made for Kids

A child-friendly night light creates a safe space where children can relax and fall asleep. Parents will find a variety of night lights on the market with a variety of features. Look for those with a kid-inspired, decorated shade that diffuses the light evenly throughout the room. Some night lights cast harsh shadows on the walls which only increase a child’s fear of the dark. A hooded light prevents that. A night light with a multicolor bulb is another option to consider. An LED light slowly cycles through a variety of calming colors, which help the child drift off to sleep.

Know What You’re Purchasing

Read the label on the night light. LED bulbs are not only more energy efficient, but night lights with LEDs outshine other types of bulbs for a variety of reasons. They use less heat, which makes them safer for use in a child’s room. Plus, LED bulbs in most night lights last for a decade, even with nightly use. There are a variety of LED versions available that offer an on-at-dusk, off-at-dawn feature. The package information should also reveal the number of lumens the night light produces. Lumens describes the amount of light emitted that is visible to the human eye. LED night lights that provide between one and three lumens provide a warm, comforting level of light. 

Multi-Color LED Bulbs

Other Night Light Options

Other types of nighttime lighting solutions available aren’t night lights. Wallplates that also serve as a night light are an innovative approach parents seeking energy-efficient, safe options. Night light wallplates are easy to install. They replace your current wall switch plates or electrical cover plates. An LED light emits a soft, downward glow that automatically turns on in low light conditions and turns off when brighter light enters the area. No timers are required. Some versions offer USB charging ports as well. These cover and switch plates are a great solution for use in a child’s room and for safely lighting paths from a child’s room to the bathroom. You can also buy decorative wallplates online with or without LED lighting to enhance your child’s decor.

To see a variety of the latest innovations and styles for children’s night lights and cover plates, visit Wallplate Warehouse online at

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