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Simple DIY Home Projects to Do During Coronavirus

Wallplate DIY Home Projects

One benefit of the COVID-19 pandemic—if there is such a thing—is that people are finally getting around to all those home improvement projects they’ve been meaning to do. Isolating and social distancing has given people a lot more time at home than usual, and for many, that means rolling up their sleeves and getting some projects done. If you’re looking to improve your home while you’re stuck in it, you don’t have to commit to a project that’s going to drag out as long as the pandemic has. There are many simple ways to upgrade your home, and they can be done in just a couple of hours. Here are some suggestions.

Replace Switch Plates

When was the last time you gave your light switches and outlets some attention? Though you may have been sanitizing those switches a bit more right now, you probably haven’t given much thought to upgrading them. Replacing those bland, white wall plates with decorate light switch covers can make a huge difference in a room. You can tie those little details with the rest of your home décor, giving your room a flawless, completely coordinated look.

Replace Cabinet Hardware

This project follows the same idea as replacing your wall plates: By upgrading the little details in your kitchen, you can give that space a total facelift with minimal effort. Simply remove your existing cabinet knobs and drawer pulls and replace them with something in a completely different style. You’ll quickly notice how different your kitchen looks.

Paint Your Front Door

Want a quick way to upgrade your home’s exterior? Try painting your front door! While you may not be letting a lot of guests in right now, a fresh coat of paint on your front door can make your home’s façade look more inviting. If you’ve got a bit more time on your hands, consider repainting your shutters or other exterior trim to match.

Create a Gallery Wall

If you have a blank wall in your home, now’s a great time to decorate it. Create a mixed media gallery wall by hanging photos, mirrors, and other wall décor. Take some time arranging your media on the floor to get it looking just the way you want, then hang the items one by one; use photo-hanging strips so that you can adjust them as necessary to get just the right look.

Organize a Closet

If your home-improvement itch leans more towards the organization, why not start with a single closet? While reorganizing your whole home can be daunting, a closet can be done in a single day. Pull everything out and discard what you no longer need. Then, reorganize using bins, baskets, hooks, and anything else that can improve your closet’s overall organization.

Home improvement doesn’t have to be a total renovation; small projects can make a huge difference, and they’re much more manageable than a major overhaul. Try some of these projects and see what a difference they can make. If you’re looking for a new light switch plate cover or outlet covers, check out the incredible inventory we have here at the Wallplate Warehouse!

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