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Spice Up Your Decor with Printed Wallplates

Old wall switch plates

Periodically, every homeowner wants to spice up their home a little bit. Sometimes the changes are going to be big, like purchasing new kitchen appliances or remodeling the bathroom. If, however, you’re interested in a simpler, less expensive means to redecorating your home, why not buy some new decorative switch plates? Check out some of these lovely new designs from the Wallplate Warehouse.

Out with the Old, in with the New

Without even realizing it, old wall switch plates can have a detrimental effect on your home. The plastic ones that come with most apartments and are installed in many homes can become discolored over time. They’re easy to crack, and can pose a health hazard if left for too long. Buying new switch plates is not only an attractive way to upgrade your home, but installing printed wallplates such as the elegant English Garden Brushed Brass switch plate frees your home from the presence of the old decaying plastic brands.

Kid’s Wall Plates

Just like with everything else in your kid’s room, they want their wallplates to better represent who they are. To go with their individualized bed sheets and wallpaper, Wallplate Warehouse has designs for every type of kid. Are they into sports? Get them the Allstar Plastic wall plate emblazoned with balls and sports equipment. If they’d prefer a prettier style, there’s the Princess Julia Steel plate or the Sassy Girl Steel plate. With the Explorer Steel switch plate featuring fun images of cars, boats, planes, and motorcycles, there’s a style of wall plate for every style of kid.

Old World Wallplates

If your tastes tend to be more refined, or you’d like to add an element of old word style to your living room, you should take a look at the Wallplate Warehouse’s Old World collection. For a taste of an old English church, you can install the Canterbury Resin plate. If you’d appreciate a more elaborate and intricate design, there are three filagree wall plates to choose from with colors ranging from Antique White to Aged Bronze and Antique Brass. Whether your home is decorated in Victorian splendor or you have a more modern taste, old world wallplates are excellent for adding a unique historical flavor to any room.

Stone Designs

Some homeowners prefer wall plates that have a more earthy appearance, permitting them to blend more seamlessly with their home’s warmer hues. At Wallplate Warehouse, you’ll find several designs in a stone style from which to choose. If you have a room done up in mostly blacks and whites, there are light shades available such as the White Linen Cast Stone, and darker shades such Ivory Cast, or Gray Cast Stone. If you love the look of classic Italian marble, you’ll appreciate the Travertine Tumbled Cast Stone wallplate, or you can venture into the light brown shades of Noche Tumbled Cast Stone, or Cappuccino or Sandstone Cast Stone. Depending on your own personal style, you might prefer different types of wallplates for different rooms.

Not sure what kind of wallplate to get? Check out Wallplate Warehouse at to choose from hundreds of different designs. Find your own decorative wallplates today!

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