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The Benefits of Buying Ceramic Wall Plates

Sometimes, the best updates to your home are the simplest. You really don't have to spend much money to give a room a bright, new look. Something as simple as a throw rug can change the whole complexion of a room. One easy quick fix that can really make a difference is switching out your plastic wall plates for ceramic. Next time you investigate wall plates suppliers, consider some of the benefits of using ceramic wall plates in your home.

They're Attractive

Ceramic wall plates are simply and lovely. Since they were first introduced by wall plates manufacturers in the 1930s, they have a timeless elegance that brightens any room. Also, they're very easy to clean, and won't gradually fade or discolor over time the way plastic wall plates do. Their lustrous finish maintains a graceful appearance even in heavy-use rooms like bathrooms and kitchens, having the same effect as the addition of a little work of art, or a picture frame in accentuating the colors of a room.

They Last

Ceramic is a sturdy material that can last a lifetime. Plastic can crack easily if bumped or whacked with furniture or an errant toy, and can even be destroyed if you screw them in too tightly. Ceramic is strong, and not vulnerable to cracks or warping. Once installed, they can easily be wiped down, and their appearance won't suffer even after years of use.

They're Safer

Light switches are places where your environment and your homes electrical systems interact. Whenever a plastic wall plate is cracked, warped, or suffers some incongruity in its service, it compromises that interaction, and your safety is put at risk. You don't want something as simple as a wall plate to result in an electrical short, or worse, sparks. Ceramic is a safe buffer between your everyday life, and the circuits that run through your home.

They Come in All Kinds of Styles

Like their plastic counterparts, ceramic wall plates fit all standard switch sizes, and they come in a variety of colors to match any room.

Replacing your plastic wall plates with ceramic is one of the easiest ways to improve your living space. Check out wall plates suppliers in your area or online, and see how well they can work for your home.

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