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Three Benefits of Choosing Nickel Wall Plates

Satin Nickel vs. Brushed Nickel vs. Polished Nickel

Nickel Wallplates 

Both brushed and satin nickel have the same silver tone. Unlike cool stainless steel or brushed chrome, nickel features a warm brown undertone, popular for both modern and traditional decor.

Many people use the terms interchangeably. To maintain a consistent design throughout the home when using satin or brushed nickel wall plates, here are the subtle differences to look for:

  • Brushed Nickel is created by manually polishing with a wire brush, fine-grit abrasive belt. The scratches all run in the same direction to soften and enhance the natural luster of the metal finish.
  • Satin Nickel, by contrast, is created by electroplating several coats of liquid nickel to a zinc or brass surface, then coating with a lacquer to dull the finish. There are no lines on satin nickel.
  • Polished Nickel has the most labor-intensive finish, requiring multiple steps to produce a completely smooth, mirror-like shine.

Designer Details

Whether brushed or polished, nickel wall plates are a top choice for interior designers and homeowners. The warm, golden tone that underlies the silver base creates a metal finish that coordinates beautifully with many styles and colors.

Enhance a traditional design with classic European-inspired brushed nickel wall plates, like the Imperial Bead, or the Georgian. Or, add a bit of whimsy and a darker tone for contrast with the English Garden Antique or the Ribbon and Reed Antique collections.

Bring a modern twist with the clean, crisp lines of the Elan collection. Or, highlight the beauty of the brushed finish by hiding the mounting hardware with the Mies Screwless plates, or the new Magnetic collection.


Families love brushed nickel for how easy it is to live with. Nickel is naturally difficult to scratch or nick. Solid or plated nickel has a useful life-cycle of 25-35 years and won’t wear off even after years of daily wear and tear.

Nickel never requires the use of harsh chemical or acids. Only mild soap and water, and a soft cloth to wipe dry are needed to clean and polish back to the original factory shine. For stubborn water spots, use a vinegar-water solution and wipe off immediately to avoid dulling the finish.

Bonus! Nickel is a sustainable material used by green designers because it is completely recyclable! According to The Nickel Institute, about half of the nickel content in recycled stainless-steel comes from recycled sources. Imagine, an old nickel light switch might become your new refrigerator or set of pots & pans!

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