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Tips for Getting Creative with Light Switch Covers

1-Toggle Fancy White Light Switch Cover

Sometimes, good design is just about changing things up. Boring and repetitive features can seem commonplace, but if you just look at them in a creative way, you can bring new and fresh design elements into your home. 

Take light switch covers, for instance. Also known as switch plates or wallplates, these features are used to keep switches and outlets in place and to disguise unsightly electrical equipment behind them. They're necessities for every room of a home, but they tend to be plain and boring. In fact, if you search the pages of many architectural and interior design blogs, you'll notice that they're often missing. People edit them out of photos because they can tend to look like unfortunate wall clutter. 

But what if you chose to get creative with options like framed plates, brushed metal plates, or other decorative switch plates? These are some creative options to inspire an improvement in your home design. 

Literary Material

You can actually make some of your favorite reading material into light switch covers. Cut the spines off of books or some of your favorite images off of a magazine, and then use a utility knife and straight edge to cut them to size as well as to allow an outlet, a jack, or a switch to show through. You can even use comic book pages, decorative stationery, or maps as switch cover backgrounds!


Try making light switch covers a little less mundane with frames. Little picture frames can make every wallplate look like a piece of art. Just be sure that the colors match. If you have beige-white plates, which are common in most new homes, you might want to replace these with white, gray, or another color that's easier to match frames with. You can even paint on the wall around the switch to "frame" it nicely. Let your children go wild, designing their own for their bedrooms, playrooms, and media rooms. Give them the freedom to use buttons, stickers, seashells, and other crafty objects. 

1-Toggle Stone Light Switch Cover


Decals or decorative stickers for covering wide swaths can also be applied over light switch covers to make them look a little more appealing. These stick-on products have patterns and even a small amount of texture that make them resemble wallpaper. Place decals over your light switch covers, ensuring to cut out space for switches, outlets, etc. carefully. You can even try placing a decal in a similar color and/or pattern to the surrounding walls so that you can blend the light switch cover into the wall itself.

Elegant Covers

If you're interested in upgrading to a more elegant design, try shopping online for higher-end light switch covers and other wallplates. Online stores offer ceramic, metal, and wooden covers that look elegant and make a necessary feature for every room too look a little more sophisticated. Shop for products like copper switch plates at wholesale prices online so you can stock up on modern copper plates for every room. You can buy switch plates online in various colors and materials, depending on the design of every room. Consider metals for bathrooms and kitchens, but warmer-looking materials like wood and ceramics for living rooms and bedrooms.

Wallplate Warehouse carries light switch covers for any budget and design preference. Visit our online store today to find superior light switch covers that you'll love to show off, rather than hide.

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