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Why You Should Install a Motion-Activated Night-Light

Motion Activated Night Light

The humble night-light has long been valued as a beacon in the dark, both literally and figuratively. Every child has experienced the comfort of a trusty night-light providing just enough illumination to keep imaginary monsters at bay while still allowing for restful sleep. Night-lights are a welcome addition to most nurseries and childhood bedrooms for both children and their parents. But they aren't just for kids. In fact, most homes can benefit from the strategic placement of a few decorative night-lights to aid in navigating the home quietly in the dark.

Night-lights are even more useful when they incorporate motion detection technology. Not every space in the home that could be a prime location for a night-light requires perpetual illumination. Therefore, installing a night-light that clicks on only when needed can be a welcome addition in areas such as the bathroom or staircases. Motion-activated night-lights make an already helpful form of lighting even handier and more convenient. Keep reading to learn why you should consider installing motion-activated night-lights in key areas of your home.

Great for Kids

Every parent has experienced middle of the night visits from a young child who has had a nightmare. When kids get out of bed in the middle of the night half-asleep, they risk injury, especially in two-story homes. A motion-activated night-light can provide a perfect solution for safety lighting the path to your room. That can help kids navigate to you so that you can soothe their nerves and help them return to a restful slumber.

Great for Visitors

If you've ever stayed with friends or family members, you may have experienced the ordeal of fumbling through the dark in an unfamiliar environment in search of the bathroom. It can be embarrassing and noisy, and it can result in a frustrating journey under the worst circumstances. However, a motion-activated night-light can provide an easy beacon that can switch on when needed to provide visitors with an easier trip to the needed facilities.

Great for the Mobility Impaired

If you or someone in your family lives with restricted mobility, you may understand the additional challenge of maneuvering in the dark. For people living with mobility impairment, a motion-activated night-light can be a great tool for enhancing safety during late-night trips to the restroom. Extra steps to flick a light switch aren't necessary, as motion-activated lights come on when someone approaches nearby.

Extended Life Span

One of the best things about aa motion-activated night-light is that it only comes on when it's needed. That means it won't burn through its life while illuminating space needlessly. Because motion-activated night-lights don't burn continuously, you can expect them to last much longer and provide years of service without any problems.

Energy Efficient

Motion-activated night-lights are similarly more energy-efficient than conventional night-lights because they only switch on when they're needed and turn themselves off after a prespecified amount of time. When you couple that factor with the availability of energy-efficient LED lighting options, motion-activated night-lights are one of the most energy-efficient forms of illumination in the average home.


Motion-activated night-lights offer improved convenience in key areas of the home. For example, night-lights installed near entry thresholds can provide gentle illumination for opening doors, even when you have your hands full. They also demonstrate their convenience by turning off automatically, preventing lights from burning all night needlessly because someone forgot to turn them off after leaving the bathroom, for example.

A motion-activated night-light can be a tremendous tool for improving safety, mobility, and convenience in the home. To purchase motion-activated night-lights for your home, contact Wallplate Warehouse at (888) 643-3744.


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