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5 Switch Plate Details to Improve Your Home Interior

2-Toggle Black Switch plate

Wallplates are such a small part of your home’s interior that you probably don’t pay much attention to them. They’re simply there—plain, white, and boring—and unless they’re damaged, you don’t give much thought to changing them. But those little switch plates can really put a polished finishing touch on your home’s interior, and the low cost of upgrading them with something new can make a big impact. Here are five different kinds of decorative wall switch plates that you should consider to quickly dress up your home’s interior.

Try High-Gloss Plates

Most painted walls are done in a matte finish. This is usually the best choice for any room because its more durable and won’t show smudges, scuffs, and general wear-and-tear quite as easily. However, it can be a bit bland—especially if your switch plates are equally bland. If you really want to add a pop to your painted walls, switching out those matte white electrical covers for something in a high-gloss finish can really make an impact.

The contrast of a shining switch cover on your matte walls adds an element of texture that can really brighten up your room (light switch joke not intended). The glossy finish is an excellent way to give your space a modern touch too.

Match Your Wall

Prefer a more seamless look instead of something that stands out on your wall? Why not try matching your switch plate to your wall color? Finding an exact match can be difficult, but it’s definitely not impossible, and we can help you figure out how to do it. Once you find that perfect match, your room will have a gorgeous, seamless look that can make any space appear perfectly put together.

Go Dark

Traditionally, light switch covers are white. If you’re looking to try something different and make a big impact, take your switch plates in the opposite direction: Try dark gray or black instead! This can be an interesting visual element in a room that’s very light in its paint colors and décor. Or, you can try them in a dark room where you want the switches to blend with the décor instead of standing out.

Try Metal

Most switch plate covers are plastic. They’re cheap, so builders love to use them. But why not go with something heavier and more durable? Metallic plate covers are available in a variety of materials, including brass, copper, chrome, and more, so you can find a color and finish that’s perfect for your room. Whichever you choose, metal switch plate covers give your space a higher-class feel that white plastic just can’t achieve.

Try Flat Switches

The default switches in most homes are those little nobs that you flick up and down to turn the lights on and off. But if you’re looking to create a smoother, more seamless look, try flat push switches instead. These sit more flush against the wall and have a modern feel to them. You may also want to consider looking into smart switches to really modernize your home and add some extra convenience!

If you’re looking for electrical cover plates to add some beautiful details to your home, check out our stock here at Wallplate Warehouse.

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