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Match Your Switch Plate to Your Backsplash

White LED Night Light Switch Plate

Do you remember the last time you replaced your old switch plates with new ones? For some homeowners, the answer is yes because they never have. This is a shame because the look of your home is greatly impacted by its switch plates. If you’re still living with the same wall plates that came with your house or apartment, you may not realize how ugly they are. Plastic wall plates can fade and turn yellow and are so cheap, they’re liable to have cracks in them. Nowhere is this more noticeable than in the kitchen. No room gets more use than the kitchen, and all that wear and tear will show in the switch plates. The best way to freshen up your kitchen is to install a new light switch wall plate that works well with the backsplash. Here are a few things worth considering.

Why Replace the Wall Plate?

As mentioned earlier, old plastic switch plates can be an eyesore. It’s not just that they’re ugly, but new wall plates made of brass, bronze, copper (or other materials) have a striking appearance that adds color and energy to a room. They’re safer as well. Older switch plates crack easily, especially if they’ve been screwed in too tight. Any time there’s a crack by your home’s electrical system, it’s a fire hazard. Dust and lint can easily accumulate in cracks and act as kindling, so you should repair cracked wall plates as quickly as possible.

Finding the Right Match

Once you’ve decided to upgrade your kitchen’s wall plates, you’ll have to find the one that works best for your kitchen. If you have a backsplash, this means you’ll have to take that into consideration. What you don’t want is a wall plate that tries to match too closely the color of your backsplash. If you try and fail, then you’re stuck with a wall plate that clashes with the rest of the kitchen. Your best bet is choosing a color that contrasts with the backsplash but, ideally, matches other elements in the room. If you have stainless steel appliances, for instance, a brushed nickel wall plate may work splendidly.

Additional Kitchen Upgrades

While you’re at it, consider making some other changes to your kitchen. If you’re going to switch out one wall plate, why not replace all of them with matching wall plates for switches and sockets? Another thing worth considering is decorative night lights. The kitchen is one of those rooms everyone needs to visit in the dead of night from time to time. You might have the sudden need for a glass of water or a midnight snack, and when the cravings hit, the last thing you want to do is struggle in the dark. By having a night light that’s motion activated, you’ll always be able to see what you’re doing — even though you might get in trouble for stealing the last scoop of ice cream.

When you’re ready to update the wall plates in your kitchen — or any other room in your house — do your shopping at Wallplate Warehouse. Whether you’re looking for a switch plate for toggles or rockers, or a motion-activated night light, we have everything you’re looking for. Any questions? Feel free to call us today toll-free at (888) 643-3744.

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