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A Small Home Upgrade You Never Thought to Customize

Light Switch Cover

Decorating your home gives it personality. It allows your space to reflect your family’s unique personality and what makes you truly special. The paint colors you choose, the furniture you buy, and the decorations you put up on your walls all have something to say about the people who live in your home. But if you truly want a customized look in your home, you should actually think smaller. There’s one little detail you might not have thought to customize: your light switch plates. Keep reading to learn how this little upgrade can transform a space.

No More Cookie Cutter

Let’s be honest: White plastic light switch covers are about as “cookie-cutter” as it gets. They’re installed in almost every single home that’s been built since electricity was invented, and they’re not adding anything to your home when it comes to style. While they may seem like a small detail, light switch and outlet covers are in every room of your house—and often multiple times in each room. Something that shows up that often is bound to make an impact, and “cookie-cutter” probably isn’t the impression you want to make.

Tie in with the Décor

You’ve selected your furniture and décor carefully so that they all coordinate just right, down to the last detail. But if you haven’t coordinated your light switch covers to match, then you haven’t actually gotten down to that last detail, now have you? There are far more options out there for wall plate covers than you might imagine, so finding one that coordinates with your existing décor is actually very easy. Upgrading these features in your home can be that finishing touch you need to really tie a room together.

Get a High-End Feel

Certain materials just have a higher-end feel than others. In case you weren’t aware, flimsy plastic is not one of those materials. Those mass-produced wall plates feel cheap because they are cheap. They’re an affordable option for builders, which is why they go into virtually every home. But if you want to give the rooms in your home a classier, higher-end feel, then you need to ditch the white plastic. Instead, look into metal options. Nickel is an especially popular option, giving a room a much more modern and sophisticated vibe while remaining neutral enough to blend with most decorating styles.

Light Switch Wall Plate

Make It Last

Plastic can come in varying levels of durability. While your kid’s plastic toys might seem just about indestructible when you step on them at night, plastic bags can be easily shredded. Unfortunately, plastic light switch covers are closer to the “plastic bag” end of the spectrum. The plastic used to make them is thin and flimsy, and will become discolored and faded over time. If you don’t want to deal with that discoloration—not to mention cracking from something as simple as a too-tight screw—then opt for a more durable material that will last a lot longer.

While it might seem like a small upgrade, changing out a light switch plate cover can make a surprising impact. Check out the hundreds of options available from Wallplate Warehouse and start upgrading your home!

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