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Are Light Switch Covers Universal?

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New homeowners now realize that even the little detail in their new home, which includes light switch covers, are needed to be thought of before purchasing. It should be included in the planned color palette of the entire interior of the house. Making sure that it complements the wall and the other home decor that will be put beside it. You can see a lot of color ideas when you browse on the internet, and you may encounter a few queries in terms of choosing the perfect light switch covers.

So the main question in choosing the perfect switch wall plate aside from the colors and material is "Are these light switch covers universal?"

To clarify that concern, no they are not. These switch wall plates come in different configurations like toggle, duplex, and rocker. Your electrician might have uniquely built your home keeping all the wires as neat as possible. By doing these they can have the switches at the entrance of your home all in one place to somewhat organize them and to minimize having a lot of single switches on your walls aside of course inside your room. But that does not mean that you can't customize them to look more attractive and more elevated than ordinary ones. You have a lot of options to choose from may it be on the size, the number of switches, and its colors. We have gathered a few tips for choosing the perfect light switch covers to match perfectly with your home.

Plain on plain

Some homeowners don't want a wall with too many colors and designs and rather just stick to simplicity to make their walls look wider than they are. Efforts in hiding these light switch covers are sometimes very challenging, we suggest you opt-in having a plain white cover to blend perfectly on your plain white wall. By this, you can achieve having a switch wall plate that is functional and has a neat look on your walls. When in doubt whether one should always go for neutrals, you can never go wrong in plain colors.

Switch Wall Plate as a Decor

All homes have switch plates so why not make them aesthetically pleasing? You might not notice it but a little detail can add a lot of effect to the overall look of your space. You can also consider having your switch wall plates in the same tone as your chosen pop of color. If your space’s design is more on gold, silver, and/or wood then you can perfectly match it with those. Just make sure that they complement rather than contrast to make it more put together. It is a perfect way to add an accent to your space.

Configuration matters

In the aspect of keeping your walls as neat as possible. If you are building your own home then you might consider having a single switch on each light to avoid future circuit problems. Well, some might want a switch that turns multiple lights on especially in wide areas like the living room but that is not recommended because it may lead to problems especially when one of the lights is broken.

Consider having different switches for each light and try to organize them in one area of your wall. You can purchase a light switch cover that can accommodate 5 switches, with these you can make sure that it is not an eyesore.

These switch covers are the most inexpensive way in elevating your wall designs. Adding twists to your decors can make your home more put together and sophisticated in the most elegant way possible. Switch wall plates might not be considered a big deal in home designs but be a little extra and make sure that every little detail of your space is well thought of. These switch plate covers come in a wide selection of colors, materials, and finishes. You will surely find the perfect one for your home! Step up and make the interior of your home much more attractive.

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