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The Best Switch Plates and Outlet Covers

english brushed wall switch plate cover

Switch Plates and Outlet Covers are two of the most overlooked decorations for a house. As for the vast majority, it is only used for utilities. It is one of the most important accessories in a house. The main purpose of switch plates and outlet covers is to cover everything in the electrical box, including the electrical screws on the sides of the outlet and both ends of the circuit wires. If it was touched by your hand, you might receive a powerful shock.

When installing a wall plate in your home, it is usually the regular white plastic that can be universally matched to any color scheme. However, there are a lot of switch plates and outlet covers that you can choose from instead of using the regular ones. Not only it will give an aesthetic look, but it is also more durable since a lot of them are made from high-end materials. So what are the best switch plate and outlet covers?


Old world wall plates offer an antique pattern. It  can be related to brushed wall plates as the materials used for Old World wall switch plates are bronze, copper, and faux-ivory which are mixed with resin to have more depth in terms of details. If you have a Tuscan-type design for your house or a contemporary design, the Old World plates are the best one for you.


Though the design is similar to the Old World plates, these bronze switch plates and light switch wall covers are also one of brushed wall plate types. It uses both resin and bronze material for a smoother and more detailed texture. It is one of the most durable wall plates out there. Not only is it the best for its durable feature but it also gives a sophisticated charm to your home.


For both wall switch plates and outlet covers, the brass material is one of the most suitable choices. Just like bronze material, brass is also a durable material. Even throughout the years of using it as your wall plate, it will look the same. Tight screws will not easily break or crack the material. Due to its reflective property, it gives an aesthetic vibe to any room that you install it into.


For a more modern and stylish look, copper is the best one to choose from. The charm and aura that the Zebra Copper pattern gives is warmth and elegance. It can also be easily blended into whatever design of your house and into every color scheme on your house. In addition to that, it is also highly durable.


If your house has a monochrome design, this black cast is a perfect choice. Instead of the regular white one, you can upgrade it to an elegant matte black color. The materials used are ceramic, steel, or wooden material. The purpose is to even if it has a simple design, it will still be on another level of durability from the regular ones.


For a ceramic plate, there are a lot of different designs to choose from. Similar to Old World patterns, it gives an antique vibe to your house. Worry not, though it is aesthetic looking, the material will not easily break down. On second thought, the material is so consistent with its color that even years later, the design won’t change its aesthetic look.


Wooden textures and tiles are a very common design for houses. However, white plastic switch plates and outlet covers don’t blend well with your design. So instead, choose a wooden design. As an example, contemporary oak woods have a smooth texture and are made from real wood. If you have a cabin, barn, ranch, or tree house, then oak wood plates are the best choice for you.


For an ultra-modern decorative design, switch plates and outlet covers that are made of chrome materials are the best choice for you. As the design of the material is so flexible, it can blend different varieties of house types including contemporary, Tuscan, Mediterranean, or modern houses. If you like a minimalistic design but have an elegant look, don’t hesitate to use chrome designs for your switch plates and light switch wall plates.


Stone-made switch plates and outlet covers aren’t actually made of real stone. As it will be difficult to install, it can easily crack when it's screwed to the wall, and the weight is too heavy. Instead, the materials used are a combination of stone powder that is mixed with resin to resemble a more polished and smooth real stone. Just like chrome materials, stone plates can be flexible to whichever type of color scheme you have in your home.


This is the new trend on the market. The two screws that we normally see on outlet covers and switch plates are now completely hidden. For these types of wall switch plates, you no longer need to worry if the screws are becoming a hindrance to the total design. The back of the plate is mounted to the electrical box like a normal would do, and the screwless plate in front just needs to be connected by snapping it with the backplate to hide the screws.

new wall plate light switch covers for home decor

For choosing the best wall switch plates and light switch wall plates, you must know first what type of design would match the design of your house, choose a wall plate that will blend with the color scheme of your house, and choose a wall plate that will improve the aesthetic of your house. Keep in mind before choosing, that whatever type of design you like as long as it personally gives you a sophisticated charm, then you should go choose that.

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