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Best Switch Plate Covers of 2021

Switch Plates Covers

The year is halfway over, and we thought now would be the perfect time to recognize some of our favorite switch plate covers for this year. The wall plates on this list offer improved functionality, unique beauty, or are simply a perfect fit for 2021’s interior design trends. Keep reading to see which wall plates we love most and why!

Century Matte Black Steel

Black is the new black this year. One of the top design trends for homes in 2020 and 2021 has been to repaint many accent features that are traditionally white and make them black instead. This includes doors, door and window trims, baseboards, and yes, even wall plate covers. This particular plate cover fits in perfectly with that design trend, with a chic matte finish and clean, straight lines that are beautiful in any modern home.

LumiCover Nightlight & USB Charger

In a modern world, shouldn’t plate covers be more than just plate covers? We love the LumiCover LED Night Light & Dual USB Charger plate because it performs just about as many functions as a plate cover possibly could. It has a small light in the base that provides a subtle downwards glow, making it easy to find your way through your home in the dark.

It also has a USB charging port built into the plate, so you can easily charge your devices without taking up an outlet. It’s available in both a decora and duplex configuration, making it an option for outlets and rocker switches alike.

Cottage White Wood

The rustic cottage look has been in for a couple of years now, and we still love it. Many people fashion their homes’ interiors based on this look, and this often includes crisp white accents that make a space look bright and inviting. While traditional plastic plate covers obviously fit the color scheme, they’re not very rustic.

That’s what makes the Cottage White Wood switch plate absolutely perfect for this decorating style. The material is much more conducive to rustic décor, and the subtle beadboard-like finish adds the perfect finishing touch.

Wall Switch Covers Plates

Mystic Topaz Copper

This last switch plate cover on our list is a unique one. Mystic Topaz Copper features beautiful speckling of orange and sapphire, blending two popular color trends of 2021—jewel tones and sunny colors. The beautiful blending of these colors will make it a focal point of any room. But in a room painted in similar colors, it will provide an even more striking accent piece to a space that is perfectly on-trend with this year’s top interior design styles.

While we have a huge selection of switch plates and decorative night lights that we absolutely love, these four switch plate covers have been at the top of our list so far for 2021. Be sure to check them out, and explore the rest of our selection of wall plate covers, if you’re considering redesigning your own space this year!

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