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Bronze Switch Plates for Colonial Homes

There are a lot of ways to make updates to your home. You can switch out the carpeting, get a new paint job, buy a bunch of new furniture, or do something really extreme like take down a wall. You know what all of these things have in common? They're expensive and time-consuming. One easy way to change the look of your home is by simply replacing your old switch plates with new ones. In particular, if you have a colonial house, and you're still relying on the original plastic switch plates that came with the house, you can dramatically improve the look of your home by installing bronze switch plate covers. They're inexpensive, they're easy to install, and they look great.

A Switch Plate to Match Your Home

There was a time when the rich, dark tone of bronze was considered to be too old-looking to act as a decorative aesthetic. Perhaps it's the move towards more traditional styles, or the advent of steampunk, but bronze is back in vogue in a big way. So if you have a design style that leans towards traditional, Victorian, or even Art Nouveau, you now have a type of wall plate that will blend with — and even accentuate — your individual style, and that is far preferable than old, plastic white switch plates which do nothing but detract from home's otherwise antique look.

A Design for Everyone

When you order a bronze switch plate, you're getting more than just the "bronze" color we're all familiar with. You can choose from literally dozens of different designs and hues, each one built to perfectly match or build on the look of your home. The Georgian Aged Bronze Cast, for instance, has an unusually dark shade of bronze bordered with classic columns, making it perfect for a classic, conservative design aesthetic. If your taste tends to be more ornamental, consider the Filigree Aged Bronze Cast. With a rich, filigree design on the face plate, it's a beautiful work of art in its own right, and perfect for any room that has a busier, more richly embellished style.

Bronze Is Long-Lasting

One of the problems with plastic wall plates — besides the fact that they're ugly — is that they're vulnerable to fading over time. While a bright white when first installed, plastic switch plates can soon turn an unsightly yellow. If you have a home filled with antique furniture, and rich warm hues, a faded, yellow, plastic switch plate can be a real eyesore. Bronze does not fade. If you just make sure to dust it and wipe it clean once in a while — like the rest of your house — it will be as good several years down the road as it was the day it was installed. Furthermore, plastic switch plates crack easily. Not only are they vulnerable to cracking, if they're bumped into, they can even crack when they're installed if you commit the unforgivable act of screwing them in too tightly. This will never happen with bronze. They won't crack upon installation, nor will they crack if they're hit with an errant child or dog toy.

The days of being stuck with old plastic switch plates are over. Find your own perfect bronze wall plate at Wallplate Warehouse by clicking onto today!

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