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Refresh Your Walls with Popular Decorative Wall Plates

Multiple Types of Wallplates

If you bought a prebuilt home, chances are your home came with standard white or beige plastic wall plates. Maybe you’ve lived in your home long enough that you’re ready to claim a new design style. You may not have considered wall plates as part of the decor, but they can be one of your most significant decorative accents when you’re ready to refresh your walls. They may be small details, but the right wall plate can bring a big change to any room in your house. Here are a few of the most popular decorative wall plates for 2019.

The Subtle Elegance of Ceramic

Whether you’re striving for a contemporary elegant look or you’re going for a minimalist design, ceramic wall plates can help you pull it off. With a cool, smooth texture and a lustrous finish, ceramic is an ideal material for rooms where you want to tap into a simple, subtle decorating theme.

Ceramic is stain resistant and easy to clean, so it’s a favorite for wall plates in kitchens, bathrooms, and utility rooms. But don’t be fooled by its popularity in the rooms where dirt, stains, and mess are an everyday occurrence. Ceramic wall plates belong in every room! Available in white and off-white, these wall plates complement warm or cool color schemes.

Make a Statement with Black

You’ve heard of the little black dress; why not the little black wall plate? Black adds a striking contrast to whatever color you choose for the wall paint. Imagine crisp, white walls with wall plates in a black steel finish. If you’ve fallen for the idea that your wall plate and outlet covers must match your wall or trim color, it’s not true unless you want them to all blend together. These are decorative covers, so naturally, you want them to get noticed. Just like when you wear that little black dress.

Go for the Brass

The beautiful thing about brass is that it goes with so many design styles. If you’re putting on the glam and want a posh look to your walls, go with polished brass. Think gold mirrors and gold wireframe accent tables and shelving. If you’re looking for something to complement your vintage look, you can’t go wrong with brushed brass wallplates.

Take the vintage look even further when you choose antique brass with filigree accents. The wonderful thing about decorative wall plates in bronze is that they work with just about any decor. If you decide to change styles in a few years, bronze can easily stand the test of time.

The Sophisticated Allure of Chrome

If you’d like to add sophistication to a room, decorate with chrome. Go for the Art-Deco style and add chrome furniture pieces with curves and flourishes. If the 1950s retro look is more your style, find furnishings with a chrome base and leather seating material. Remember the dinette sets popular during that era? Chrome wall plates are a perfect choice if you’re looking for a bit of sophisticated splash.

We Vote for Bronze

Actually, we vote for any wall plate cover that adds something special to the rooms in your home. Bronze looks fantastic in rooms where you’ve chosen cream, beige, or taupe wall colors. These wall plates work as wall accents when you have dark wood trim. Bronze and deep, dark wood furniture pieces make excellent partners as well. Bronze wall plates look amazing in kitchens and bathrooms where you’ve chosen bronze faucets and cabinet hardware. Whether you’re hoping for elegance, sophistication, or a wall accent for your vintage-inspired decor, bronze gets the vote.

These are only a few of the popular options for decorative switch plates. Visit Wallplate Warehouse today and see our complete line of wallplates and accessories.

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