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Wall plates are practical necessities in homes and offices. They keep people safe from electric shock, cover gaps that pests can traffic through, and make the use of electronics and lights much simpler. Sure, most buildings come with simple wall plates installed, but did you know that you can order custom wall switch plates for your property? It's simple to order your own uniquely crafted and decorative plates. Here's all you need to know before you shop.

Choosing the Configuration

Wall switch plate manufacturers can build plates in a variety of configurations, or shapes that are meant to suit specific types of outlets and electrical boxes. These options include the toggle switch, phone jack, coaxial cord outlet, electrical outlet, and more. Choosing the right custom product begins with making a list of the types of wall plates you need. Starting with function first enables you to explore different designs later.

Gangs and Combinations

You can also choose the gangs and combinations you need for your wall plates to serve their proper function. To wall switch plates manufacturers, "gangs" are multiples of the same configuration in a wall plate. For instance, if you have an electrical box that holds 3 side-by-side rocker switches, then you can order 3-gang rocker plates to cover this box. However, you can also customize combinations for electrical boxes that contain different types of configurations. For instance, a combination plate can cover a box that holds one duplex outlet, one single outlet, and one push button. No matter how unusual the combination may be, manufacturers should be able to custom-build the right wall plate for you.


Wall switch plates can also be decorative. Beyond function is beauty, and beautiful rooms leave no feature behind. You can stay simple with white wall plates or choose an elegant stone or brushed nickle finish. Imagine entering a room and seeing polished bronze wall plates, sleek black plates, or plates in another color and texture that matches your wall paint or wainscoting. The effect will be more impressive than a simple, standard wall plate. Find a retailer who can make custom wall switch plates for your home or business. You will be surprised how much of a difference it makes in your property.

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