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Reasons to Choose Bronze Wall Plates for Your Home

Whether you enjoy the contemporary elegance of brushed champagne bronze, or desire the historic accuracy of vintage aged bronze, you’ll find a gorgeous bronze wall plate collection to suit your style from The Wallplate Warehouse.

Bronze Wallplates

Why Choose the Beauty of Bronze?

One of the oldest metals used for both decorative and useful household objects, bronze has been in use for thousands of years. In fact, with a bit of polish, bronze objects found at archaeological sites around the world could be put back into service and be just as beautiful for another thousand years.

Bronze is a unique metal alloy of copper and tin. Freshly forged and polished, it starts out in color similar to dull gold. It acquires a deep brown patina over time as the metal oxides in contact with skin oils and cleaning agents. Because it doesn’t corrode in contact with water, solid bronze retains its beauty in every climate and condition, making it a popular finish on boats for resistance to salt water.

With the virtues of both timeless beauty and enduring strength, bronze wall switches are the ideal solution for objects your family and guests will touch and see every day. Make the experience both delightful and safe.


Wall and switch plates are often one of the last details chosen in a home renovation. And yet, they’re touched by nearly every member of the family, every single day.

Turning on lights… plugging in phone chargers… making that all-important pot of coffee in the morning… even plugging in the vacuum for spot-cleaning after a spill…

You put a lot of thought into the design of your home, from paint to tile to appliances, looking for quality and endurance. Brushed bronze wall plates are the perfect choice to enhance any design, and stay beautiful for years to come.

Plastic vs. Bronze Wall Plates

Bronze or metal electrical plates are stronger and more durable than plastic for a couple reasons:

  • Plastic tends to crack when the screws are over-tightened. Not only is it unsightly, but it can be dangerous, leaving live wires exposed or accessible to water.
  • Plastic yellows over time, especially in kitchens when exposed to repeated washings with household cleaners.

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