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Ceramic Wall Plates: The Hottest Trend for 2019

White Ceramic Wallplate

What are the secrets to exceptional interior design? How can you take your space from unremarkable and boring to bright, interesting, and engaging? Big things, such as color schemes and furniture placement, have a way of dominating interior design conversations, but truly brilliant interiors require more—more attention to detail, more creativity, and more individuality. With the help of a few great design tips and beautiful ceramic electrical wallplate covers from Wallplate Warehouse, you can take your home from ordinary to extraordinary.

1. The Only Rule You Need to Follow Is Balance

Searching around design books and internet blogs, you’ll find dozens of “must-follow” design rules. You’ll find rules about every element in your space including window treatments, wall colors, furniture spacing, colors, textures, and styles. While these individual elements are important, in reality, the only “rule” you need to follow is to find balance in your design. Balanced designs feel comfortable and are pleasing to the eye.

Create balance in your interior design by thoughtfully distributing the visual weight of objects within your space to create a sense of equilibrium. Shape, size, texture, and color all affect the visual weight of an object; large, dark, textured things are visually heavy. If you imagine your room split in half, both halves should have equal visual weight; a heavy item on one side should be balanced by an equally heavy item on the other side or by several lighter items. Stylish, sophisticated wallplate covers can help you balance a room by adding subtle visual weight to walls. Whatever your style, from contemporary to classical, paying attention to balance will help you create a sense of calm and order in your living space.

2. Use Color

It’s typical to be afraid of color in interior design, but color makes design interesting and engaging, so it’s important to overcome this fear. You don’t need to paint your walls a bold color to get the effect of great color; adding punches of color in accessories is just as effective. Bold pillows, bright lamps, vibrant blankets, colorful electrical plate covers, and richly-colored art will make your design more interesting. Start small if you need to, but add some color. If you’re still nervous, remember that interior design is not an eternal commitment; you can easily change the ceramic wallplate covers when you get tired of them. Have fun with color.

3. Make it Simple

Exceptional design is never complicated. Simply put: your design should be a reflection of you and result in a space you love to use. There is, however, a fine line between a purposeless hodgepodge and deliberate design. As you have fun mixing and matching accessories, old and new, remembering to keep everything balanced and uncluttered will help you achieve a purposeful, well-considered design. Replacing old, yellowing, plastic switch plate covers with lustrous, smooth ceramic covers adds instant sophistication without being fussy; it’s a simple but effective way to upgrade your room. An interesting, comfortable, engaging space isn’t one that’s been meticulously curated with the latest trendy knickknacks from the home store; rather, it’s the space that’s been thoughtfully and deliberately designed with balance and attention to simple details.

Black Wallplate

4. Make it Comfortable

A comfortable space needs to be…comfortable. Whether you’re going for a bohemian vibe, a contemporary aesthetic, or a traditional feel, an exceptional space is both visually and physically comfortable. Visually, you’ll achieve comfort by keeping elements in the room carefully balanced, but physical comfort is equally important. Your space should be functional, making it easy and pleasant for you to do what you need to do. Ceramic wallplate covers from Wallplate Warehouse come in different styles and configurations so you can get exactly the look and functionality you need for your space. They look and feel smooth and will stay that way even after years of heavy use. Good design is livable design.

5. Pay Attention to the Details

It’s the details that differentiate between good design and exceptional design. As you consider your space, remember that even the smallest items can have an impact. Take, for example, wall plate covers. These ubiquitous fixtures are on every wall in your home, but have you considered how switching them out might impact your design? Cover plates don’t just come in the standard, generic plastic you see everywhere; they’re available in dozens of colors, textures, and materials. Choose a sleek, contemporary flat nickel plate to complement your contemporary home or go for the hottest trend of 2019: ceramic cover plates. Ceramic plates have lustrous color and sheen that never fades or dulls, even with heavy use. They give an instant facelift to any wall and look good with every design style. Adding ceramic switch plates makes a subtle but discernable difference in any room, taking the space from ordinary and conventional to extraordinary and unpredictable.

Every decision you make about your space, no matter how small, is an opportunity to either enhance or settle. Be deliberate in choosing the details. Search Wallplate Warehouse’s incredible selection of electrical cover plates today and make your home extraordinary.

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