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Matching Your Switch Plate Style with Wall Colors

Small Details Count

Although they may seem like small details, switch plates make up a big part of the finishing touches of your home. Whether you’ve just finished a remodel or you’ve just wrapped up repainting a new home before moving in, choosing the right switch plate covers can mean the difference between boring and just right. When you begin looking into these essential finishing points, consider decorative light switch plates of the ceramic variety. This sleek and timeless material will never let you down, and there are many options for matching the color scheme of your home.

Wall plate

Color Choices

When you begin shopping for ceramic switch plates, you must first take into consideration the color of each room in your home. There are times when you’ll want to match the color of the plate to the wall. Do you have an all-green or all-blue room that you’re trying to make a style statement with? Perhaps consider continuing the shade choice in a lighter hue with your switch plates. Do you enjoy contrast? Going with a light-colored switch plate in an otherwise dark room can be very attractive, too, and can help you play up the drama you sought with a dramatic wall color. Don’t ever discount the potential visual impact of these relatively small, rectangular fixtures. If you really want to maximize the opportunity for your home to be visually pleasing, you can use decorative ceramic switch plates to your benefit.

Matching Finishes

You’ll also need to take into account the paint finish. If you have a high-gloss paint in an area like a bathroom, chances are a glossy switch plate will be best to keep the trend going. In other rooms with semi-matte or matte paint, however, you can probably go with plates in a matte finish. There are times when using a contrasting finish in decorative light switch plates of ceramic pays off. For instance, if your impact room is a beautiful, matte navy with white trim, going with a pure white, glossy ceramic switch plates will help you play up the visual difference you set out to create with the wall-to-trim contrast.

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