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Chrome Wall Plates: 5 Designs for Ultra-Modern Look

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There are a lot of ways to upgrade the look of your home. You can buy artwork and put it up all around your house, you can invest in new furniture, and you can even update your kitchen or tear down a wall. There are some changes you can make, however, that require far less work and expense. For instance, switching out a room's light switch plates. While a minimal change in real terms, the aesthetic affect new wall plates can make to a room can be dramatic. Here are a few ideas for some wall plates you can purchase that will instantly give your home a more contemporary look.


There's a reason chrome was the metal of choice for adorning the classic cars of the 1940s and '50s. It's beautiful. Chrome has a shine that you can't get anywhere else. That same quality that makes it work so well on a classic Pontiac also adds an extra level of elegance to your home. Whether you want your shiny chrome switch plates to light up a dark room, or choose to accent a white Art Deco style space, chrome switch plates are a striking addition to nearly any type of room.


When you research brass switch plates, you'll be struck by the different available options. The versatility of brass lends itself to polished or brushed switch plates, as well as those incorporating complicated filigree patterns. All of them have the effect of modernizing a room; it just depends on what kind of room you're looking to update.

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A very understated option, ceramic switch plates never fail to impress. Available in white, biscuit, or black, ceramic has a cool, clean look that adds a touch of class to any room. If you have plastic switch plates, then you know how easy it is for them to become discolored, or even crack, over time. Ceramic will never fade, so the plates you're installing today will look the same now as they will in ten years.


Not as bright and shiny as chrome, nickel has a soft, easy sheen that provides a measure of grace that works particularly well in formal dining rooms and entryways. Also, nickel switch plates are available in dozens of different styles. In particular, the border to nickel switch plates can be plain or quite ornate and are appropriate for rooms decorated in a minimalist style, or others decorated in a Victorian or craftsmen fashion.

Old World

With wall plates — as with everything else in design — what's old is new again. With the popularity of steampunk, there's no reason you can't add some old world style to your home without modernizing it at the same time. There are gorgeous designs available in bronze, brass, and copper that incorporate intricate patterns that are modern yet, at the same time, hearken back to the industrial age and medieval designs. If you feel like you're looking for switch plate options that are both elegant and fun, several types of "old world" designs will easily fit the bill.

When you're ready to find the perfect ultra-modern switch plates for your home, don't hesitate to buy light switch plates at Wallplate Warehouse.

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