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Steel vs Brushed Nickel Switch Plates: A Fair Comparison

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Many of our newer customers question why we don't carry stainless steel wall plates. After all, wouldn't they be a great match for those stainless steel appliances in your kitchen or the equipment in your warehouse? There's a reason that you don't see a stainless steel switch plate cover anywhere in our online shop: we carry brushed nickel wall plates instead. Here's a thorough and fair comparison between these 2 types of metal finishes, and why we've opted to only offer one of them.

Color Comparison

If you compare a stainless steel wall plate and a brushed nickel wall plate side by side, you'll quickly notice that their colors are a little different. Brushed nickel has a warmer color with a bit of a yellow undertone to the metal, while stainless steel is a cooler color that is a deeper shade of gray. But, despite their names, brushed nickel wall plates are actually closer in color to most stainless steel appliances that you'll see on the market.

This makes brushed nickel a much better option if you're trying to tie your kitchen decor together. If you purchased stainless steel plates expecting them to be an exact match to your appliances, you'd find yourself with a look that is close to uniform, but different enough to be somewhat jarring. This is one reason we've decided brushed nickel is the better option.

Texture Comparison

Take a look at your stainless steel appliances. Do they have a harsher, brushed look to them -- almost like scratches in the surface of the material? Odds are, they don't. Most stainless steel appliances have a nice, smooth finish. But many stainless steel switchplates have a harsher, more heavily brushed appearance, which makes them a poor match in most kitchens.

Brushed nickel, on the other hand, has that same, smoother appearance that stainless steel appliances have. This gives the material an almost glowing quality to it, in addition to being a better match for your appliances.

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Versatility Comparison

Finally, due to the overall look of brushed nickel, we've found that this material is simply more versatile as a wall plate material. With its more industrialized look, stainless steel only fits with a few select decorating styles, and therefore has minimal uses for most business owners and homeowners.

Brushed nickel, on the other hand, has a warm glow and smooth finish that allows it to blend with many more decorating styles, giving it greater versatility and more realistic usability for the majority of our clients. Whether your decorating style is transitional, country French, vintage, or Tuscan, brushed nickel will work beautifully in your space (especially if you have stainless steel appliances in that space). Comparatively, stainless steel switchplates really only work with industrial or strictly modern decorating styles.

So, if you're wondering why you don't see stainless steel wall plates in our store, consider checking out our brushed nickel switchplate covers instead. Odds are, you'll find that these plate covers are actually a much better option for your home, business, or any other space that you're decorating. For more information regarding our products and their availability, please feel free to reach out and speak to one of our representatives here at Wallplate Warehouse.

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