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Easy Upgrades for Your Home's Interior

Light Switch Covers

We all want a Pinterest-worthy house. Unfortunately, those houses you pin for home décor inspiration probably cost thousands of dollars and significant work to decorate. The average homeowner simply doesn’t have the time or the budget to make their house look like it was pulled straight out of a magazine. But if you’re itching to upgrade your home while sticking to your budget, here are a few simple ideas that you might consider.

Change Your Switch Plates

Switch plate covers are in every room of your home, so whether you’re looking to upgrade a single room or the entire house, this is an affordable way to make a difference. As the saying goes, “The devil is in the details,” and those light switch covers and outlets covers can create a big impact.

That might sound crazy when you look at that cheap plastic rectangle you probably have on the wall right now. But when you upgrade to metal, wood, ceramic, or another high-quality material, you’ll instantly start to see a difference. Add something in a fun color or cool design, and those switches and outlets will suddenly become conversation starters!

Cover Your Couch

If it’s your furniture that’s making the space look shabby, consider dressing up what you have instead of selling a kidney to buy new furniture. Slip covers have come a long way and can look absolutely amazing on sofas of virtually any shape or size. If you have a little more budget still after buying the slip covers you need, consider some new accent pillows to really give the living room a facelift.

Update Cabinet Hardware

Let’s step into the kitchen for a minute. Is it looking outdated or worn down? You don’t necessarily need a total overhaul. Just as the right accessories can really make a difference in an outfit, the right cabinet hardware can completely update your kitchen. Switch out your cabinet knobs and drawer pulls for something new and see just how dramatic the change can be. If you’ve got more time than budget, you may also consider repainting your cabinets yourself for a really big update to your kitchen space.

Light Switch Plate Cover

Rearrange What You Have

Don't have money for anything new? Give new life to what you already own! Go through your home room by room and take stock of all of your décor items. Dig into closets to find décor you might have tucked away. You can even find items you can refurbish as décor, such as mason jars, old books, and fancy dinner plates.

Once you’ve taken stock of what you have, give everything a new place! Move things to new rooms, rearrange your wall hangings, and restyle your bookshelves. You can even rearrange your furniture. You can get an entirely new look without spending a dime.

Updating your home doesn’t have to cost a small fortune. With a little creativity and a few hours of your time, you can make your home look brand new. Whether you update your wall plates, rearrange your home, update your cabinet hardware, or do everything listed above, you’re sure to notice a difference.

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