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Easy Ways to Update the Look of Any Room

Your home is a work in progress, a canvas that displays your personal style and taste. All it takes is some creativity to change a dull and uninspiring room in your home to one that is exciting and eye-catching.

You have many options before you to turn a room into something that can draw attention. One simple trick is to replace your ordinary plastic light switch plates on the walls with plates crafted from different materials, like wood, brass or brushed nickel.

A brushed nickel light switch plate is just one of the ways to add detail and depth to a room’s look. Here are three tips for updating the look of any room in your house.

Light switch

Wall Decor

If you can envision what your bedroom or living room looks like with your eyes closed, it may be time to make a few changes. Try rearranging the room’s randomly displayed artwork and add posters and photos with new frames to freshen the look of the room. If the curtains are dull and uninspiring at a glance, replace them with bold print curtains paired with solid color panels.

Color for Effect

A new coat of paint is a common solution to freshen up a room, but don’t stop with switching colors from bland to bold. The more imaginative you are with your approach, the better the potential results. Try using warm tones or vibrant colors to create a single accent wall, and use a stencil for design effect. Wall appliques are another budget-friendly way to upgrade the look of any room.

Designer Switch Plates

We’re mentioned earlier how light switch plates can go a long way in changing the look of a room. Decorative beveled brushed nickel wall plates, wood wall plates, brass plates and ceramic wall plates can turn a basic electrical necessity into an opportunity to add stylish accents for a creative statement in any room.

It takes imagination to update the look of a lackluster room. Replacing your plastic switch plates with brushed nickel light switch plates, creative use of paint, even something as simple as switching the wall art around are inexpensive approaches that will give a room a different look that may be long overdue. There are many ideas out there, and you may learn more by speaking with a home decoration expert or interior designer. Let Wallplate Warehouse show you how wallplates can add to a new design concept!

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