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Guide to Switch Plates in Hard-to-Find Sizes

Switch Plates Covers

Most switch and outlet combinations are pretty straightforward. Light switches contain 1 or 2 toggle or rocker switches, and outlets have two identical openings. It’s fast and easy to find light switch plates for combinations like these. But what if you have an odd combination that includes switches of different sizes, mixes outlets and switches, or includes jacks and other media outlets? If you’re having difficulty finding a switch plate cover for your setup, keep reading for a few tips.

Check Our Store

First, be sure to check out our online store. Wallplate Warehouse includes many large wall plates with unusual combinations for switches and outlets. We also offer plates in various materials and finishes so that you can find something that matches your décor. If you can’t find what you’re looking for in our catalog, keep reading for tips on updating your switch arrangement to make the task easier.

Rearrange the Devices

Suppose you have pretty standard inputs (such as 2 switches and an outlet) but they’re in an unusual order (such as having the outlet in the center). In that case, the simplest solution will likely be just to rearrange those devices to be in a more commonly seen pattern. It is a surprisingly simple thing to do since you don’t need to disconnect any wires. Just turn off the power to that box, unscrew the devices, swap their positions, and screw them back in with the new, desired arrangement. It can often be enough to give you more options in your wall plates.

Use Jack Frames

Jacks in your setup can often make it difficult to find the right wall plate, but there’s a simple solution to this as well. Use a jack frame to make the media port fit into a standard rocker switch opening. Because these inserts are designed to fit rocker switch plates, we also refer to them as rocker inserts. Swapping out a standard cable, phone, or data jack for one that’s in a rocker insert can make it incredibly easy to find a wall plate that fits. We carry these inserts in white, ivory, brown, and gray to match a variety of wall plate materials.

Outlet Cover Plates

Update Your Switches and Outlets

If you have a combination of toggle switches, rocker switches, and duplex outlets, it can be difficult to find exactly the configuration you need in a wall plate. While those combos are probably out there, you certainly won’t have as many options when selecting a color or material. An excellent way to broaden your options is to update your switches and outlets, so they all fit into a rectangular opening light a rocker switch.

Duplex outlets can be updated into a rectangular unit that keeps the two openings without requiring a duplex opening, and toggle switches are pretty easy to upgrade to rocker switches. If you can get all of your electrical devices to fit into the exact size of the opening, finding a gang plate configuration that fits them all will be much easier.

Contact the Wallplate Warehouse today for assistance if you need help finding a light switch plate cover that fits your device configuration.

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