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How to Find the Right Placement for Night Light Outlet Covers

Outlet Wall Plate with LED Night Lights

Nightlight outlet covers are an excellent way to provide extra nighttime illumination to your home without taking up an outlet. You can walk down the hall to the bathroom or kitchen for a snack late at night without turning on any overhead lights, which can be a blessing to others in your house and your retinas. But where should you install those lighted outlet covers to get the most use out of them? There’s no single correct answer, as it will depend on your home, your family, and what you’re most likely to need the light for. However, here are a few suggestions.

In Bathrooms

Bathrooms can be common destinations in the middle of the night. If you don’t want to blind yourself with an overhead light when nature calls, but you don’t want to fumble around in the dark either, a nightlight outlet cover can help. Install one in each bathroom that’s likely to be used at night, so everyone in your family has the lighting they need to tend to their business.

Near Stairs

Navigating the stairs is tricky in the dark—and potentially dangerous. Installing a nightlight near the top or bottom of the stairway in your home can help you see as you go up or down them at night. It is much safer than remembering how many stairs there are and hoping you don’t miss one.

Above Kitchen Counters

Feeling the need for a midnight snack? While the refrigerator will certainly help you out by providing plenty of light as you hunt for some food, it doesn’t help with finding any dishes or utensils you might need to eat that food. Installing 1 or 2 outlet covers with built-in lighting can illuminate the countertops enough that you can find a bowl and spoon for that carton of ice cream you just pulled out of the freezer. (Or perhaps just a spoon. We won’t judge.)

In Kids’ Bedrooms

It’s no secret to anyone that children are often afraid of the dark. It is a natural phase that almost every child goes through. While large, cartoon-emblazoned nightlights are a common solution, they are bulky and take up an outlet—and are sometimes large enough to cover both openings. Plus, your child might outgrow that specific character before they outgrow their fear of the dark. Instead, install a nightlight outlet cover in their room. It will provide needed illumination that they don’t need to outgrow.

Night Light for Kids

Near Entry Doors

Have you ever come home late, after everyone else is in bed, and had to fumble through the dark? Instead, install a lighted outlet cover near any doors you’re likely to come through late at night—the front door, garage entry door, and so on. It will allow you to walk into your home at night without feeling like you’ve gone blind.

If you want some extra illumination throughout your home at night, install an outlet nightlight in each of these locations. You can find several such outlet covers in our online store here at the Wallplate Warehouse.

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