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Home Interior Design Guide on Decorative Light Switch Covers

Outlet Plate Covers

One of the often-overlooked details of interior design is the covers of your outlets and light switches. Most homes feature off-white, generic light switch covers, which are the same in the entire house. But outlet cover plates and light switch covers come in a variety of styles and colors. Here’s how to pick the perfect ones for your purpose.


Outlet covers come in a variety of colors. They can match the color of your walls, your carpet, or your trim, depending on your preferences. You can keep the outlet covers simple and white, and they’ll fade in the background. But if you make some bold choices, it may give your room a uniqueness you won’t find elsewhere.

You can even find light switch and outlet covers with designs on them. Does your daughter love princesses? Then she might love a light switch cover in pink colors. Is she into sports? Choose a cover that reflects those interests. It’s an easy thing to change out as your child grows, but it makes a huge difference.

Design & Style

You can find light switch covers in a variety of styles and designs. The material doesn’t even have to be plastic. It could be a uniquely designed cover featuring your favorite book or TV show. It could be a collector’s item as much as the lamp on your nightstand. There’s no limit when it comes to styles and color choices.

In the kitchen, you can find a ceramic cover plate to match the tiles. For your living room, you may want to choose something that matches your wall hangings or the furniture. You can also use the light switch cover as a focal point for that wall if you choose something out-of-the-box.

If you want your outlet covers to blend in, you can use a thermoplastic plate. This type of plate allows you to slide in a section of wallpaper, which is the best camouflage for the switch plate.

Wall Outlet Covers


When you set up your light switches and outlets, you want to think about the configuration. While you want to have enough outlets in every room, you probably don’t want a triple outlet in one area, unless it’s hidden by a couch or another piece of furniture. The layout of the switch plates will affect their appearance. Single light switch covers don’t require a lot of thought for the configuration, although you want to be careful when you have more than one light switch in a room, such as the living room or hallway.

Mix & Match

If you want every light switch cover to be unique, you may be tempted to mix and match designs in the same room. While there’s nothing wrong with that, think about what it would look like from different angles. Also, can you see outlet covers or light switch covers in the different rooms? With an open floor plan, it may not be possible to use a unique design for every outlet cover without clashing styles. But you can probably still install unique switch plates for every bedroom.

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