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DIY Switch Plate Upgrade Ideas

DIY Switch Plate Upgrade Ideas

If your home is like most, you have switch plates that were installed by the builders of your home—and they’re likely cheap, white plastic that lacks any sort of style. Ready for an upgrade? Check out these DIY switch plate upgrades that you can do, or visit our online store at Wallplate Warehouse to find some stylish, higher-quality switch plates for your home.

  1. Washi tape – This makeover is fast, easy, and temporary. Whether you’re a renter or just fear commitment, putting some patterned washi tape on your light switch plates can add some visual interest to them without having to make a permanent change to the fixture. Just make sure you remove the plate first, so you can wrap the tape around the edges and get a nice, clean finish.
  2. Wallpaper – Did you know you can add wallpaper to switch plates? This is a great way to get light switches to disappear to blend into a wallpapered room; or, you can simply add a small piece of wallpaper to the light switch plate to make it stand out on a painted wall.
  3. Paint – If you’re the artistic type, why not use your light switch plates as a canvas? You can create truly one-of-a-kind looks for every switch plate in your home. Because paint doesn’t adhere well to the smooth plastic of normal wall plates, we do recommend getting wood or another paintable material instead.
  4. Adhesive tile – Many hardware stores sell adhesive backsplashes for easy kitchen upgrades—but who says you can’t use them to upgrade a switch plate too? This is perfect if you want your kitchen switches and outlets to blend into the backsplash, or if you just want them to have their own style.
  5. Vinyl – Vinyl decals are a great way to add some style to any space, and that includes your wall plates. Cut your own shapes and patterns, or find premade ones and stick them on for an instant upgrade!

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