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How to Buy Switch Covers Online

Golden Switch Plate Covers

Purchasing switch covers online can be a difficult process, whether you’re looking to buy for your remodeling project or updating your current home. This is mostly because there’s a lot to consider when choosing one, such as its style, size, color, finish, and configuration. In order to buy decorative light switch covers that are right for your home, follow the steps below.

Create a List

Starting out, you should make a complete list of every room or location in your home that needs a switch plate and write down the accurate shape for each one. Miscalculating the number or size of plates you need can throw off your project deadline and budget. Also, keep in mind that switch plates can be located in hidden corners and behind furniture, so make sure you check the entire room for them. A smart time to try when locating them is to place a sticky note on each one after you record it, to avoid accidentally writing down the switch plate more than once.

Check Device Descriptions

When you’re deciding on which switch covers to buy, make sure you consider the device descriptions in order to choose the right configurations. Often enough, most people end up selecting their outlet without realizing that the switch cover comes in a number of variations. For example, do you need a Decora outlet or a duplex outlet for your switch covers? Or, is your electrician installing toggle switches or Decora rockers? Keep in mind that a switch can refer to either one.

Plate Orientation

When ordering switch covers online, make sure that you consider the orientation of decorative plates, which may have different device openings. Although plain, solid colored plates can be easily rotated, most decorative plates only have one position. Also, keep in mind that outlets are usually mounted horizontally, so make sure the pattern can still work in your case if mounted sideways. If it can’t, you should probably check a different switch plate to go with.


When choosing a switch cover, decide which color best goes with the interior of your home. You should also keep in mind if redecorating the color of your rooms will make your new switch covers seem outdated. Some options include white switch plates, brushed copper switch plate covers, and stainless-steel plates. If you need to purchase multiple covers for your remodel project, look for copper switch plates wholesale deals.

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