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Keeping It Creative with Light Switch Covers

Baker Unfinished Alder Wood For DIY Painting/Staining

While we all hope that 2021 will be far better than 2020, unfortunately, we’ll probably still be spending a lot of time indoors this year. If you’ve already completed your list of planned home renovation projects and need some more projects to try, why not consider upgrading your light switch covers? You can try one of the fun DIY projects below, or check out our massive catalog of light switch and outlet covers here on our website.

Frame It

One fun and simple way to upgrade your switch covers are to frame them with a real picture frame. If you have a picture frame the exact size of your switch plate, you can glue it onto the plate itself. If your frame is slightly bigger than the switch plate, hang it on the wall with your light switch perfectly centered on making it into a piece of art. This is an enjoyable upgrade if you’re upgrading a light switch on a gallery wall, as the picture frame can help it blend right in with the art or photos hanging up around it.

Paper It

Wallpaper is making a comeback in the interior design world. If one of your projects last year was to wallpaper a room, and you now feel like your light switches stick out like a sore thumb, you can paper them too! Pull out the unused wallpaper you have and cut out a piece slightly larger than your switch plate; trace the switch plate onto the back of the paper, making sure to mark the spots for the switches and screws. Cut it out, use your wallpaper glue to stick it on, then let it dry before reattaching it to the wall. Make sure you use a piece of wallpaper that aligns with the pattern on the wall!

You can also use this idea in any room of your home, but with various kinds of paper. Maps from your old road atlases, pieces of scrapbook paper, and even pages from old books and comics can be used to give your outlet covers, and light switch covers a makeover. We even have switch plates specially designed to be papered, so you can ensure that they adhere properly.

Paper-It Clear Screwless Plastic

Paint It

Do you have an artistic side? You can make your switch plate covers into your canvases. Of course, paint doesn’t stick well to that shiny plastic of most light switch covers, so trade them out for some wood ones that will have a more superior finish. Paint them, however, you desire to match your tastes or your room’s décor. You can spray them with some hairspray once they’re dry to help seal them and prevent flaking.

Whether you’re looking to craft up some of your switch plate covers or want to replace them with one of the many beautiful designs we have in stock, Wallplate Warehouse has what you need. From our clear Paper-It covers to wood covers and more, we have an incredible selection for you to choose from, so you can keep working on those home projects!

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