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5 Best Switch Plate Covers of 2020

Switch Plate Covers

Interior design trends change every year, and while most people focus on popular colors and general design preferences, light switch covers are definitely an element of your home’s interior design that you should pay attention to. These little details can give you the perfect finishing touch to your home décor. But what are the most popular switch plate covers for this year? Keep reading to find out.

Screwless Wall Plates

The sleek, modern style remains popular this year. Modern décor emphasizes a nice, clean look, with straight lines and no interruptions. And while you might not notice the screws in your light switch covers, you’ll definitely notice the difference when those screws are gone. Screwless switch covers give the light switches in your home a sleek look, and they come in a variety of finishes. Whether you’re looking for a bronze or nickel switch plate, you can find it in a screwless variety to add some extra style to your room.

Blended Wall Plates

Many people looking to achieve that sleek, contemporary style try to do so by making their light switches blend into their walls. This achieves a more seamless look throughout the room, which can be truly beautiful. But how do you do this? We recommend using paintable switch plates or plate covers that are designed to be covered with wallpaper. Wallplate Warehouse carries both varieties so that you can get your switches to match your walls perfectly.

Aged Bronze

While many people are trending towards modern décor, others are reaching back for more old-fashioned decorating styles. Old industrial-style décor is one popular option, with people choosing exposed bulb light fixtures and decorations in unfinished metals. One metal this style works great with is aged bronze. This dark metal looks absolutely beautiful when coupled with rich leathers and other metal finishes. You can choose a switch plate that’s simple, undecorated bronze, or you can opt for something with more detail, depending on the exact style you’re going for.

Cast Wall Plates

Others who choose to decorate their homes in old-fashioned style choose a more classically antique look, with tiny, elaborate details in many places. Switch plates are a great place to work in those details. Cast wall plates can have a beautiful filigree design, for example, that adds a lot of beauty and visual interest to a room.

Wood Wall Plates

Finally, cottage-style décor has been another popular decorating trend in the last several years, and it continues in 2020. Shiny plastic wall plates don’t exactly add a homey touch to a space, which is why wood wall plates are one of the top choices for this year. You can purchase them in various shapes and finishes. Choose from alder, ash, and oak woods if you want something unfinished. White wood is really a perfect touch for this decorating style.

If you’re redecorating in 2020, don’t let your switch plates stay the same. Swap out that cookie-cutter style for something that perfectly complements your décor. Choose from one of these top wall plates of the year or browse Wallplate Warehouse’s selection to find the perfect wood, bronze, or brushed nickel light switch covers for your home!

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