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Latest Color Trends in Decorative Wall Switch Plates

Wall switch plates are easy to switch out if you’re redesigning a room or looking for an inexpensive way to give your building an updated appearance. They come in a wide variety of colors and materials, so you can choose the one that works best with your design theme. Learn what to look for when you buy decorative wall plates online.

Popular Wall Plates Color

Popular Colors

The color of the plate you buy will largely depend on the color of your switches or outlets. For example, you might not want to pair off-white light switches with white plates. You could choose to match the color of the switches exactly, or do the opposite: pairing white switches with black plates (or vice versa) gives your room a chic, modern feel. White, nickel, and light almond are among some of today’s most popular plate color options.

Plate Material

In addition to color, plate material will play a big role in how your room looks when you’re finished. Instead of traditional plastic plates, consider other styles like wood, bronze, brass, or stone. They make a wonderful accent for any room, from your bedroom to your bathroom. Tie them in with other elements in your room for the best effect. For instance, you could choose brass plates to match the brass faucets in your bathroom or kitchen.

Determine Your Goals

Which wall plates you choose also depends on what you want out of your room. For a modern flair, you’ll probably want to stick with metal plates or bold colors. On the other hand, you can achieve a cozier feel with wood or softer colors like blues or greens.

Think of the Future

When you buy your decorative wall plates online, you should also keep your future plans in mind. If you think you’re going to be changing the color of your walls, you may want to stick with a neutral color that will be more likely to match. Other changes you make to a room, such as changing the lighting or adding a large mirror, can also affect how the plates look in your room. Once again, neutral colors can help the plates from becoming the center of attention.

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