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Latest Designs in Stone Wall Switch Plates

Stone Wall Switch Plates

Interior spaces need refreshing from time to time. Whether it’s a new coat of paint or a unique piece of furniture, it’s the added details that enhance the design and make it your own. Adding new switch plate covers and light switch plates are an easy and affordable way to create a finished look to any interior space. This year, interior design experts say natural elements within interior design concepts are trending. Stone wall switch plates are an easy and attractive way to implement a natural concept into your bedrooms, living areas, and kitchen. Whether you prefer a classic, traditional look, or seek something more contemporary, there is an array of available switch plates online to choose from.

Top Stone Wall Choices for 2019

With the earthy hues and copper metal accents being popular interior design color choices this year, there are a variety of stone wallplates that will work well with those palettes. Choose cappuccino or gray-cast stone light switch plates or plate covers. Or, consider one of the durable and stylish faux stone selections available. Whether your walls are painted a soft white or a deep, gray-washed blue, there are stone wall switch plates that will add an extra touch of style to the room.

Tumbled Cast Stone

Used to simulate natural cut stone, tumbled cast stone is a masonry product that is made from high-grade gravels or crushed stones and cement. Pigments derived from minerals are used to add color. Tumbled cast stone is often used instead of natural limestone, brownstone, sandstone, granite, or slate in architectural designs and interior elements as well. Its construction exceeds the durability of natural stone. The price is usually comparable to faux stone switchplates.

Faux Stone

It looks like natural stone, but it’s made from resin, making it a much lighter switchplate. Faux stone is often cast from molds that use real rock patterns. It is a popular choice for switch plates due to its natural appearance, affordability, and durability. The design is often textured to enhance its stone appearance and it works well with any decor. This material is easy to clean and is a great choice for high-traffic work areas such as kitchens, craft rooms, and children’s play areas. However, the textures and colors available can also add a unique touch to contemporary or minimalist styles as well.

Insulated Versions

Designers and homeowners alike seek ways to increase energy efficiency through interior design. Stone switchplates are also available in insulated versions that provide a barrier between the switch plate and the wall to help prevent heated or cooled air from escaping. It’s important to ensure that the barrier and wallplate are made from a long-lasting, antimicrobial material that won’t deteriorate over time or damage the wall.

Corners and Textures

For a more rustic interior, look for a tumbled cast or faux stone switch plate with a more pronounced stone texture. You’ll also find there are choices between rounded corners or squared corners. For traditional decors, squared corners and smoother finishes may work better, while rounded, more textured switch plates look best in rustic or contemporary rooms.

To view photos of our selection of stone, wood, ceramic, metal, screwless, or oversized wallplates, visit our website. You’ll find decorating tips, installation details, and other information that is helpful for choosing the right switch plates for your home.

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