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Comparing Oversized Wall Plates

1-Toggle Silver and Chocolate Wallplates

When you own a home, you'll have to complete your share of remodeling and decorating it to fit your taste. You may have certain things you want to renovate and swapping your wall plates for decorative wall plates is a quick, easy way to change the look of a room. Changing your wall plates, which are the plates surrounding light switches, will bring elegance to your home. There are different types of wall plates, including standard and oversized plates. If you want to achieve a unique, exquisite look, choose oversized wall plates. They come in exclusive configurations to fit your specialized needs. In addition, oversized wall plates are designed to cover more wall, so no gap will show. They contain eye-catching sleek designs and color to add fun and style to your home. Look no further since Wallplate Warehouse has a vast collection of decorative oversized wall plates. Don't let anything stop you from purchasing from us. Here's a list of oversized wall plates for you to compare so you can choose the right look for your home.


Oversized Aged Bronze Steel

A decorative oversized aged bronze steel wall plate is made from stamped steel. These trendy wall plates add beauty and color in any room they are installed. Despite being economical, oversized aged bronze steel wall plates are what you need to enhance your home decor. Whether you want to enhance your bathroom or bedrooms, the wall plates won't let you down. Oversized aged bronze wall plates include different configurations such as toggle, duplex, rocker, blank, phone/cable jack wall plates, and a combination of toggle and rocker wall plates.


Oversized Brushed Nickel Steel

Nickel has been used for many centuries due to its durable nature. It doesn't crack or scratch as easily as normal plastic wall plates do, so it's the perfect material to use as a wall plate. Brushed nickel steel wall plates are attractive and soft to the touch. Using oversized brushed nickel steel brings elegance to any home. They also come in different configurations, including toggle, duplex, phone jack, rocker, blank, and a combination of rocker and toggle wall plates. Oversized brushed nickel steel wall plates are readily available, including at Wallplate Warehouse.


Richmond White Oversized Plastic

If you opt for Richmond white oversized plastic wall plates, then you're in luck since they fit well in any room in which you install them. The white blends well, no matter what style of home you have. Richmond oversized wall plates come in various configurations to suit every need. These configurations include duplex, rocker, toggle, jack, and cable phone wall plates. There is also a combination of toggle and rocker as well as toggle and duplex wall plates.


Oversized White Steel

This oversized wall plate is made of stamped steel. It's an economical way to add beauty to your home. This style also blends perfectly in all types of homes. Just like the other oversized wall plates, white steel comes in various configurations, including blank, toggle, duplex, rocker, and cable or phone jack wall plates. For those who want to add more elegance, there is a combination of toggle and duplex as well as toggle and rocker oversized white steel wall plates.

The best thing about wall plates is that they come in different configurations, designs, and colors for a more stylish look. Buy oversized decorative wall plates online at Wallplate Warehouse for a bolder style at your home. Our wall plates will offer protection as well as hide any imperfections. Visit today to find the perfect fit for your home.

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