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Latest Sports-Themed Wallplates to Try in Kids’ Rooms

1- Toggle Allstar Switch Plate

When you want to update the look of your kid’s room, there are several roads you can take. You can re-wallpaper everything, buy a new movie-themed bed, paint the walls or furniture—the sky’s the limit. It all depends on what your child wants and how much you’re willing to spend. There’s one change you can make, however, that takes a whole lot less work, and is very inexpensive: change out their light switches for new sports-themed decorative wallplates!

Individualize Their Room

One great thing about decorating a kid’s room with new switch plates is it’s an easy way to add some personality. After all, the kid’s room is the kid’s room. Having the same light switches in there as you have in the kitchen or living room is no way to accentuate your young one’s personal tastes and interests. In the same way they might have posters of their favorite sports, music, or YouTube stars, their wallplates can tell you a little something about who they are.

Switch Plates are Tough and Durable

A problem with relying on normal plastic switch plates is they do not age well. If you fix up your kid’s room so that it suits their style and taste, having old plastic switch plates clutter up the wall isn’t going to help. Even newly installed, it won’t take long for the regular flimsy plastic these wallplates are made from to fade to an ugly yellow. They crack easily too. Sometimes all you have to do is turn the screwdriver once too often during installation, and the face will crack. New wallplates are made of far tougher materials, such as steel and durable plastic, so they can handle errant throws and sharp elbows, and will look just as good when your kids are ready to graduate as the day you install them.

The Allstar Plate

Your kids should have to be stuck with a boring old plastic wallplate. Instead of sticking with the same old thing, go with a colorful Allstar Plastic 1 Toggle Wallplate. If your boy or girl is a sports nut, this playful plastic switch plate is sure to please. Featuring a soccer ball; baseball glove, ball, and bat; hockey stick and puck; football; tennis racket and ball; and basketball and hoop, whatever sport your kid is into, this fun switch plate has something for everyone.

1-Toggle Sports Steel Plate

The Sports Steel Plate

If you prefer the sleek look of steel, you can’t go wrong with the bright and attractive Sports Steel 1 Toggle Wallplate. Carrying the images of a soccer ball, a football, a baseball, a basketball, and a hockey puck—all set against a green, star-studded background—this lovely wallplate is perfect for either the multisport star in your family or your favorite sports enthusiast.

If your kid loves sports, why let their love for the game stop when it comes to the switch plate? This one simple change looks sharp and will instantly match any kid’s sports-themed room. Why settle for anything less than the best for your kids? When the options are this much fun and inexpensive, the choice is easy. To order new wallplates online, visit Wallplate Warehouse today!

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