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Find Out Why Metal Cover Plates Are the Right Choice

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When was the last time you switched out the wallplates in your home? If you’re like a lot of people, the answer is probably never. That’s pretty crazy when you think about it. Is there anything in your house that you interact with more than your light switches? Why not make them look as good as possible? If you’re ready to upgrade the appearance of a room, or the whole house, here are some ways metal cover plates can make a big difference.

Metal Plates Blend Right In

If you want to upgrade your wall switches to plates that are sturdier and last longer over time than your old plates—which we’ll get into later—metal switch plates are designed in all kinds of shades, so they’ll match any plastic plates you already have. Furthermore, they’re designed to the same specifications as old-fashioned plates, so they’ll fit easily with all kinds of switches and outlets you may have in your home.

Metal Looks Sharp

If you’re ready for your home to take on a new look, there are several things you can do. You can tear down a wall, get a new paint job, or buy a bunch of new furniture. You’ll notice there’s one thing all these solutions have in common: they’re expensive. When you upgrade to metal wallplates, you add a touch of glamor to your home without going into debt.

Metal Plates Are Sturdier

It makes sense. Metal is a stronger material than the kind of plastic they use in switch plates. Due to their thinness, old plastic switch plates are likely to crack over time. In fact, they may have cracked just by being screwed in too tight the day they were installed. That’s how fragile they are! Metal plates, however, will never crack. They can’t be cracked upon installation, and they can suffer far more stress over years of use than plastic. Also, you don’t have to worry about them getting banged up by moving furniture or rowdy kids.

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Metal Doesn’t Fade

Another common problem with plastic switch plates is their tendency to lose their color over time. Formerly white plates will start to look yellow and dingy as the years go by, making whole rooms look lifeless. Metal plates have the opposite effect. Not only will they never fade, but they have the effect of brightening up a room the instant they’re installed. They’re also very easy to clean. Once a plastic wallplate becomes faded, it will never fresh again. Wipe down a dusty metal wallplate with a dry cloth, and it looks as good as new.

Metal is Safer

Your switch plates are the interface between your home and its electrical system. When a plate becomes cracked, it’s more likely to fall apart, exposing bare wires to your family and pets. If you notice cracks forming in your wallplates, you should switch to metal immediately. Not only will your home look better, but it’ll be safer as well.

If adding a little extra zing to your home sounds like a good idea, check out the selection of wallplates online at Wallplate Warehouse. Do some online shopping today!

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