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Latest Trends in Screwless Switch Plates

Screwless Switch Plates Trends

One aspect of your home's interior design that seldom gets much notice is your home's switch plates. It's ironic since there are dozens of styles to choose from, and it's one of those things where even a small, inexpensive change can upgrade the look of an entire room. Wall plate manufacturers know this, and they're always updating their looks to keep up with changing trends. Here are some new styles to look for.


Fans of this Jules Verne-esque 19th century industrial style love switches, so it makes sense they would love switch plates. Able to fit over any standard light switch, steampunk wall plates are often outfitted with playful knobs and gears, and have even been known to incorporate outlandish levers you can pull to turn your lights on and off.


While never really out of style, brushed nickel or powdered coated metal switch plates are more popular than ever. Able to look either streamlined and modern, or rustic and industrial, metal wall plates provide a striking contrast to standard plastic wall plates.


Wall plates made to resemble animals? Why not? Wall switch plate manufacturers should be allowed to have fun too! Perfect for kids' rooms, wall switches can be made to look like giraffes or hippos, or can incorporate all sorts of animals into their designs. With the popularity of fantasy and science fiction, mythical beasts have been known to appear on wall plates as well.

Theme Plates

As with the animal plates, there are all sorts of playfully themed plates available as well. Some plates incorporate popular characters and motifs from hit movies and TV shows, or logos from your favorite sports teams. Switch up the themes to match each room. Put a Game of Thrones themed wall switch in the TV room, and the logo of your favorite football team on the switch in your game room. The choice is yours!

With so many styles and colors of wall plates, there's no reason anyone should be stuck with the same boring plastic switch plate you're used to having. Upgrade your home by outfitting it with the some of these daring new styles.

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