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Nickel Wall Plate Designs You Should Try in 2020

Century Brushed Nickel Steel

It's common for people to think of electrical cover plates as merely functional. Paint, molding, furniture, and flooring all tend to get much more attention. This isn't uncommon, but it's worth considering how minor touches and additions can impact the overall appearance. Incorporating wallplates into your design plans doesn't take a lot of time or effort, but it could help put the finishing touches on a home or office. Attention to detail is never a bad idea, and nickel wallplate designs can work well in a variety of settings.


The classics never truly go out of style, but they're not for everyone. Still, they're probably worth at least considering. Century Brushed Nickel Steel is manufactured by Amerelle. The brushed nickel steel creates an attractive texture. With tapered edges, it creates a clean look that can blend with a variety of interiors. If you have stainless steel appliances or furnishings that work well with brushed metal, you'll be quite happy with the pairing.

 Metro Line Brushed Nickel Cast and Chelsea Brushed Nickel Steel are similar, but they’re distinctive enough to warrant mentioning. The edges on the Metro plate are thin and sleek, which could be also be said to be a touch feminine. The Chelsea has thicker and bolder edges. The coloring of each also varies slightly.


The Georgian Satin Nickel Cast is a lovely choice if you want something with a smooth, satiny finish and a touch of artistry. The hash marks around the edge aren't overpowering, so the little bit of flair is noticeable but not overly ostentatious. If you prefer something a bit more noteworthy, you could try the Imperial Bead Brushed Nickel Cast instead. The beading detail is quite distinct, and it stands out against brushed nickel finish. It may not qualify as a centerpiece, but it could provide a little extra elegance to your space.

 The Sonoma Brushed Nickel Steel wallplate fully embraces antique styling with a modern approach. The curvature is reminiscent of iron cast plates, while the brushed nickel steel gives it a distinctly modern appearance. If you want the best of both worlds with what is effectively a contemporary antique, Sonoma is certainly worth looking at.

3-Toggle Greek Key Satin Nickel Cast Wallplate


With the Greek Key Satin Nickel Cast wallplate, you bring a Greek pattern to what could otherwise be considered and industrial style. The satiny finish is delicate and cool to the touch, while the edging is inspired by ancient architecture and artistry. It's stylish, but it's fun enough to be something you could enjoy incorporating into a multitude of interior plans.

If you want a wallplate that really delivers something unique, you should consider the Chemal Frost Nickel Cast from Amerelle. The horizontal lines form bands that adorn a heavily textured or "frosted" face. You may have never seen anything else like it, and that alone should tell you that it has a fresh style all its own.


Metal adornments almost always fall into the category of industrial design, even if they shouldn't. If you want to lean into a modern industrial aesthetic, you need look no further than the Pyramid Nickel Cast Metal wallplate. It's specifically built to resemble tread plates. If you prefer to go with a contemporary minimalist approach, you should be happy with the Zen Screwless Brushed Nickel Cast. The plain, clean appearance is worthy of its name.

When you're buying wallplate switches, don't forget that function and style should go together. Contact Wallplate Warehouse at 888-643-3744 if you have any questions or would like recommendations.

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