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Top 2018 Trends for Decorative Wall Plates

In home decorating, sometimes, it's the little things that can make all the difference. And what's littler than wall plates? You may not even think of wall plates as a decorative element in your home, but with the purchase of the right one, you can turn a room into something special. This last year, the designs for light switches have only gotten bolder, so now might be the time to buy decorative light switch covers.

1-Toggle White Switch Plate


That's right, the cool, crazy, 19th century Jules Verne-inspired style of steampunk has finally arrived in the world of decorative wall plates. Usable over any conventional light switch, there are decorative wall plates that consist of crazy knobs, gears, and fun old-world industrial motifs. There are even switch covers you operate via a Dr. Frankenstein-style lever. Is there a better way to announce your entrance into a room than throwing a switch and announcing, "It's alive!"?

Attractive Metal Finish

For a simpler, more elegant look, decorative metal wall plates are very big this year. With styles ranging from Victorian and Art Nouveau, to a more classic streamlined design, you can buy some gorgeous bass and brushed copper switch plate covers. There's even a cool chrome wall plate with the look of stamped steel - perfect for fans of cars and machine shops.

Animal Themes

There are decorative wall plates with all variations of animal designs. There are simple wall plates with elephants and giraffes, and there are crazy ones composed of alligator or dragon scales. You may even be interested in having a wall plate with a horror theme. Imagine your friend's surprise when they have to navigate tentacles and an evil eye just to turn on the living room light.

Something for Every Fan

Let everyone know what inspires you by incorporating your favorite TV shows and movies into your wall plates. There are Harry Potter and Dr. Who themed plates, as well Star Wars and Game of Thrones plates. Whatever you're a fan of, the odds are pretty good someone's made it into a light switch.

With so many options, why settle for a plain old light switch? These days, the only thing limiting your selection of decorative wall plates is your imagination.

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